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How to Choose a Final Year Project Topic to Enjoy Writing and Impress Your Professor

They say that if you skillfully choose the topic for your assignment, half of the battle is already won. While everybody knows that it’s true, many students forget about the importance of the right subject. But we will explain it again and again so that you wouldn’t have any problems in the future because of a poor choice.

If your process of picking a topic is driven by criteria like your professor’s preferences, trends or the abundance of information about it on the Internet, your project is bound to fail. The most significant principle you have to be guided by is your interest. If you select the topic that is boring for you, there will be zero motivation and determination. But, if you, on the contrary, opt for a challenging subject that you are really curious about, you will be ready to invest time and efforts to produce a high-grade paper. However, it’s not always easy to spot that ultimate idea.

Here, in our article, we will tell you which steps to take to come up with a perfect final year project topic. Continue reading

How to Find a Writer and Not Get Scammed: Threats of Freelance Platforms

Students are fairly familiar with platforms like Upwork.com, Fiverr.com or Freelancer.net. These are websites where freelancers sell their work and earn money, and college learners are the ones who buy their services. They often order essays, research papers or separate chapters as well as ask editors to proofread their writing. If you’re one of those students, you roughly understand why they opt for freelance platforms.

  • The services there can be way cheaper. Newly-minted writers would work for peanuts just to get reviews and necessary experience.
  • Buyers, i.e., students, can openly check out the ratings of specialists and read detailed reviews of their works.
  • The websites are easy to navigate and have smart filtering systems.

But like any other online space, it has its downsides that are hard to ignore. Continue reading

9+ Major Points of Any Fiction Writing Class You Should Start Using Right Away

It’s quite trendy to attend different workshops and seminars because learning is a hype nowadays. Anyone who is good at some activity can organize a lecture or class to share his/her knowledge with others. And it’s pretty cool because apart from the knowledge you gain, you can meet new people, network and find a lot of beneficial opportunities (if we talk about physical seminars).

With the online age, this whole process has become even easier and much cheaper. Getting more popular, offline seminars have started to charge considerable entry fees, and Internet educational platforms have seized this opportunity. Now they provide different online courses for a token payment or even for free, but in order to obtain and train the skills you want to improve, especially fiction writing, you need to devote a great deal of time and efforts for e-classes. Continue reading

Threats and Benefits of Fast Online Degrees for Your Future Career

Nowadays, in our advanced technological world, everything becomes smaller, more efficient and faster. This is the progress that we’ve been looking forward to for ages, but we can’t just take it for granted. We have to adapt – become more efficient and faster ourselves. That’s why there are loads of devices, applications, and programs that optimize our routines, and an accelerated online degree is one of them.

If you don’t want to spend 4-5 years studying in a physical college, there is an alternative that can solve loads of problems. You can opt for online education, and, what is more, for its fast-tracked option. Accelerated online degrees are originally designed for people who have not certified experience in a certain field. However, many students use them as a replacement for traditional diplomas. It is hard to say whether it is better or worse because, like any other type of learning, fast online degrees have both benefits and pitfalls. Let’s look into them in detail. Continue reading

How to Use an Example of a Research Paper to Write a Stellar Original Paper

Imitation can lead to innovation.
© David Strang

Although we start with the quote from a business book, its name, Learning by Example, and content have much in common with the principles we are going to discuss. We offer you to buy a sample research paper with the help of which you can write your own academic piece and improve a certain set of skills. And before you become too skeptical to consider this option, let’s look into some basic concepts that will prove us right.

From our childhood, we use observational learning to get to know how to behave in the simplest situations. As we grow, the behavioral patterns become more complicated, and we continue imitating role models gaining our own personal features on the way. This design of learning can be well appropriated into academic writing which nowadays causes many problems for students because of the: Continue reading

Real-life Examples and Cases You Should Use in a Leadership Dissertation

Leadership is a very ancient notion having been used by people long before Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle started debating about its main points. Yet, it has preserved its significance and power through all these years. People are talking about it while teaching children, organizing their lives, running a business and so on, because its importance is hard to ignore.

If you have to write a leadership dissertation, you are very lucky because the process itself will provide you with many insights on the topic that you would have never obtained on your own.

But keep in mind that writing about leadership is not that easy – for many people it is a very vague notion. They have a general (and frequently wrong) idea of how it looks like and might not get at the heart of it if you just explain it in words. That’s why it’s always best to use examples, and free online access to the very best of them makes it hard to turn down the idea. Continue reading

Writing a Layout of a Research Paper Wrong Side Foremost

It is extremely difficult to concentrate on any task for a long time nowadays. There are distractions on each corner, and the assignments are not getting any easier (or less numerous).

That’s why you come across so many productivity techniques, apps helping to focus, writing tactics, etc. All these assistive resources are primarily designed to make you more prolific. But its consequential function is to at least spark your interest in trying something new, and, thus, engage you in finally doing your homework. To tell the truth, this second function works much better.

A reverse layout of a research paper is one of those techniques that assists you in academic writing when nothing else can force you to sit down to complete the task. Usual outlining is, by all means, great and effective, but it doesn’t always work. The backward layout implies that you first write a rough draft of the paper, and only then sketch the outline relying on what comes out of your “free writing”. It has certain benefits which we’re going to discuss in detail. Continue reading

Recent Loud and Important Cases You Can Address in Your Law Dissertation Proposal

Writing a law dissertation proposal is one hell of a task. You practically need to persuade your professor or advisor that your topic is suitable for the paper and, moreover, researchable. You also must show why it is important to explore this issue (while you still don’t understand that yourself) and how exactly it is significant for the whole field of studies.

It’s a really difficult task, but there is a little trick with the law discipline that you can use to make your writing more persuasive – support your words, theories, goals, etc. with real-life examples, i.e., law cases. It is very easy to find them on the Internet and interlace them with your topic.

What is more, remember that the precedent law is valid in the USA. It means that if you build a theory that doesn’t go within the common law but there is a precedent of a court decision that goes against it, you can make liberal use of that case to add more weight to your words.

With that all said we’re present you the list of recent loud cases that can improve your legal writing. Continue reading

Solid Facts about Vaccination for a Coherent Autism Research Paper

Autism Research PaperThe myth that vaccines are somehow associated with autism is mostly widespread in western countries. It began n in 1998 with the publication of the notorious article in The Lancet. Andrew Wakefield suggested that a rubella vaccine (MMR) may be associated with autism. But Wakefield hid that he had his own interests to raise this myth. In particular, he himself applied for a patent for a measles vaccine.

Subsequently, more than 10 studies have been carried out that have proven that Andrew Wakefield falsified facts. The Lancet denied the publication to be even done. The doctor’s deed was classified as a violation of professional ethics, and in 2010 he was expelled from the UK medical record. Continue reading

McDonald Case Study Sample

McDonald Case StudyThe guide below presents a McDonald case study in a form of qualitative descriptive research. Such case study is usually applied in order to assess the organization and identify the key points in its current development. In order to write a McDonald case study it was necessary to collect the most accurate data, records, interviews or examinations. The guide presented below regards such vital for a case study sections as company profile. This paper demonstrates a brief history of company’s development and focuses on its current position on the market. Further, a SWOT analysis is presented that regards closely the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for McDonald’s. PEST analysis as well as recommendation for new strategies are also required to present a complete case study of the company. Continue reading