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20 Catchy Bachelor’s Thesis Topics on Digital Marketing for Your Business Class

Catchy Bachelor's Thesis Topics“Digital” is the word that accompanies everything in our advanced technological world nowadays. You communicate with your friends on Facebook, buy clothes on Amazon and perceive the world through online sources. And all these means of online interaction are presented in the form of data coded with the help of binary digits. This brings us to the point when everything is all on the Internet, especially marketing.

If you’re a digital marketing major, you will be a very lucky specialist after graduating because most of the companies shift their activities and advertising campaigns to the online environment. It means that there will be no lack of work for you. Moreover, the knowledge that you’ll gain throughout your studies will help to create the right sort of image for yourself in the media so that you could always be marketable. That’s why it’s so important to make the right choices during your college life, especially when it comes to selecting bachelor’s thesis topics. We are going to present you 20 sample subjects popular in the digital marketing sphere in 2017.

It’s up to you what to pick, but make sure your choice will be beneficial for your future:

  1. Best Corporate Twitter Accounts and the Peculiarities of Their Strategies (Innocent Drinks, JetBlue Airways, Wendy’s, etc.)
  2. Emotional Appeal as the Main Marketing “Weapon” of BoredPanda.com
  3. Samsung’s Comeback After Note 7 Failure
  4. Live Videos Used for Marketing Purposes
  5. Instagram vs. Snapchat: The Battle of the Century (or at Least of a Decade)
  6. Easy Ad Targeting on Facebook: The Story of Showing Ads to Jew Haters
  7. Beauty Vlogging 101: How to Gain Audience on YouTube (Analysis of the Most Popular Beauty Vloggers)
  8. Reddit as a Smart Means of Online Promotion for Brands
  9. Michael Stelzner’s Concept of Content Marketing
  10. SMM for Brand Building: Can Profiles on Social Media Replace Websites?
  11. Amazon vs. Alibaba: the Differences in Online Marketing Strategies
  12. Good Emails: a Free Resource to Improve Your Email Marketing
  13. How Podcasting Helps Bloggers Increase Their Audience and Their Engagement
  14. 360-Degree Videos as Means of Additional Brand Exposure
  15. Big Data and Digital Marketing: How Are They Connected?
  16. Spotify’s Personalization and One-to-One Marketing
  17. Native Advertising Campaigns Come to Save Brands Who Suffer from Ad Blockers and Limitations
  18. How Does Mobile Traffic Influence Consumer Behavior?
  19. The Internet of Things Impact on Digital Marketing
  20. Free Cross-Promotion as a Beneficial Partnership

With these example topics, you will not only be able to write an amazing Bachelor’s thesis but also learn loads of useful data that will come handy in your future career as these are the most trendy and topical issues in online marketing out there. Choose wisely and make sure the subject you will eventually pick is interesting and challenging for you so that you have enough enthusiasm to conduct a high-quality research. Enjoy your digital marketing adventures!

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