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3 Methodology Dissertation Examples for Use with the Effective Research Methods

Methodology Dissertation ExamplesThe main aim of the methodology is to provide a detailed description of the reasons behind the methods used for a dissertation. No matter what field you study, the main purpose of the methodology chapter is a common one for any type of research papers. It should enable a reader to determine the following:

  • research methods;
  • the theoretical rationale for selecting specific research methods.

The subsequent studies will provide you with a bit more insight into the structure of your methodology and the information that it should contain. Continue reading

Dissertation on Decolonization

This is an extract from dissertation on decolonization:
During the last half millennium, the major European powers decided that it would be beneficial to their interests if they obtained colonies overseas to help with their economic expansion, among other things. They also wanted to develop capitalism and create a world market with an international division of labour. There were two main phases of colonial expansion (Chandra, 1992). The first of these was from 1450-1800, and the colonies were seen as places to trade with, but they didn’t produce raw materials and weren’t seen as markets. Colonialism meant conquest, plunder and small amounts of settlement. The second phase occurred after the industrial revolution when there was a great need for raw materials to be used in domestic factories. This period was from 1800-1945, and it was a phase of exploitation rather than a phase of expansion. The colonial leaders also saw the colonies as markets for the products that they produced at home, and they were often used against the interests of other competing colonial powers.

The implications of colonial rule on the colonies are considerable, and there was a large impact on local economics, culture and political systems. The manner in which decolonization took place also led to problems. Many geographers see a colonial past as probably the most important initial condition for underdevelopment. Although there is an obvious negative association between colonial rule and industrialisation, colonialism did give some benefits to the colonies. Continue reading

Dissertation on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

This is an extract from dissertation on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR):
Soon after the advent of the Internet as a way of doing business we needed to come up with a way to settle disputes. This has become known as “Online Dispute Resolution” (ODR). ODR is a form of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). Both ODR and ADR or used for resolution of disputes on a form other then the traditional means of the judicial processes (Federal, 2003). Much enthusiasm exists for ODR because of the apparent speed, flexibility and affordability relative to traditional litigation in the courts, plus their ability to alleviate pressure on an already overloaded court system.

There are many Advantages to ODR. The court system is a very expensive and very slow. That is why e- commence is turning to ODR to replace litigation. ADR is cheaper, faster and more predictable than litigation. Instead of both sides paying for armies of lawyers, a single mediator or arbitrator can be used. This is one of the reasons ODR is extreme low cost because the high expensive lawyers are not needed. For a set low cost the natural ODR person will work with both parties to try to resolve the dispute (Onlineresolution). While there may be a dispute, a cost effective and confidential mechanism is much less likely to cause the animosity requisite to motivate parties to permanently terminate business relationships (Global, 2003). Some of the most common ways to handle ODR is though mediation, arbitration, Non-binding dispute resolution techniques (Federal, 2003) Continue reading

Dissertation on Napoleon and French Revolution

This is an extract from dissertation on Napoleon and French Revolution:
Napoleon played a major part in not only France’s history, but all of Europe’s as well. Napoleon was a child of the Enlightenment and the Revolution. Napoleon affected Europe during and after his short reign. Though Napoleon had a short reign, it was a successful one. Many things contributed to his rise and fall to power. Europe wouldn’t be what it is now, if it wasn’t for Napoleon and the French Revolution.

The rise of Napoleon is very complicated. There were many things that played a part in his rise. If the French Revolution wouldn’t have occurred, then he wouldn’t have had a reign. The Revolution happened because the people were not happy with the Old Regime. The Old Regime used the feudalism system left from the Middle Ages. France had three major social classes also known as estates. The First Estate was made up of Church officials, the Second Estate was made up of nobles and wealthy land owners, and the Third (and largest) Estate was made up of three groups: the bourgeoisie (merchants and artisans), laborers (cooks, servants, and others), and the peasants (serfs). The Old Regime had a major problem; they were making the Third Estate very mad. They would allow the church officials to be exempt from taxes and make the nobles and wealthy land owners pay little taxes and then they made the Third Estate pay high taxes. This made the Third Estate very upset and what even made it worse was that France was in major debt. Continue reading

Genetic Engineering Dissertation

This is an extract from dissertation on Genetic Engineering:
Genetic engineering is a scientific process that has recently come a long way. Within the past four years of the twentieth century we have witnessed the most rapid adoption of a new technology in history. Millions of acres of farmland have been planted with genetically engineered crops since 1996. The crops consist mainly of corn, soybeans, and cotton. Genetic engineering techniques allow scientists to insert specific genes into plants and/or animals. Also, species are very easily crossed using genetic engineering. There are many good things that come with genetic engineering; however, there are many bad things as well. Because of this, genetic engineering has caused a great deal of concern and debate. Continue reading

Capital Punishment Dissertation

This is an extract from dissertation on Capital Punishment:
Crime is a many and varied phenomenon. The search for answers to the problem of crime is not new nor an easy one. What is it that makes some individuals resort to criminal behaviour while others do not? It is intended in this essay to discuss and compare three criminological theories: Classicism – Positivism and Sutherland’s differential association theory, and how they have aided today’s understanding of crime.

Prior to classical criminology’s evolution in European society, the explanation of human behaviour was approached in one of two different ways. One was spiritualistic and the other was naturalistic. The spiritualistic explanation was one of other world powers or spirits controlling objects or persons and effecting their behaviour. Therefore criminal behaviour was caused by the individual being possessed by demons. On the other hand the naturalistic theory postulated that the explanation must be found within the world of physical and material fact (Vold, 1979). Continue reading

Dissertation on Human Resource Outsourcing

This is a chapter of dissertation on Human Resource Outsourcing:
In today global business environment, firms are facing the increasing of the competitiveness, new technology and corporate restructuring, such factors force firms to seek and sustain competitive advantages by emphasizing on profitability and productivity of each department. For this reason, today some firms embrace outsourcing concept through outsourcing all or part of HR functions could reduce cost and increase the effectiveness of HR department. Many surveys and academic researches were conducted in the past decade and shows that the use of HR outsourcing is growing and continuing to increase. More firms have started to outsource their HR functions for a variety of reasons. They believe that outsourcing could benefit to organisations such as reducing overhead costs, gaining expertise from outside agencies, minimizing the regular workload of HR staff and improving quality and efficiency of the organisation. Continue reading

Dissertation on Marriage

This is an extract from dissertation on marriage:
One might ask themselves what the conditions of a good marriage are. The answer to this question depends on whether the person is looking at it from a secular or religious perspective. Those looking at it from the secular view would say that a good marriage is made up of love, trust, honesty, understanding, etc. but from the religious perspective there is an added element. This element is faith, whether it is put in God, Allah, Buddha or another deity. But it can be said that both the religious and secular views have something in common when it comes to the conditions of a good marriage: they believe that marriage is a commitment between two individuals in an intimate relationship who promise to care for each others human needs. Continue reading

Depression Dissertation

This is example dissertation chapter on Depression:
Many people, especially young people today believes that they are going through many series of depression although they can not really identify what depression is. A lot of people say that depression is a temporary feeling of sadness. So many people these days say, “I’m depressed,” easily during a conversation when they feel sad. Feeling sad is normal for everyone since people can go through events in life that dissatisfies them. However, feeling blue does not mean you are actually suffering from depression. These days, many people who aren’t aware of depressions result, pay less attention to it. However, depression is actually a disease just like cancer. Many people believe disease is a condition that occurred from virus, germs or by being a host for parasites. However, the real definition for disease in current days dictionary is “a condition of the living animal or plant body or of one of its parts that impairs normal functioning: sickness, malady” “Webster Online”. Depression is a disease that affects in both physical ways and mental ways. In physical terms, a person can suffer insomnia, oversleeping, fatigue and many others symptoms, and in mental ways, the person can feel guilt, constant sadness, many mistakes, slowed mind, and depending on how the patient reacts to these symptoms, it can also affect social part of health. Even though depression is a dangerous, many people who aren’t aware of its symptoms, often ignore and care less serious about it. However depression have to be taken seriously since it can even lead someone to death. Continue reading

Dissertation on Change Management

This is a sample dissertation chapter on Change Management:
A good leader realizes that things will change. Change is inevitable for a company’s growth. Without change a company cannot grow or compete with the competition. Affective change management is controlled by the success of its leader. A leader must consider options and alternatives that will benefit the company and it’s employees.

Many companies deal with change by informing employees as the change occurs. While other companies do not provide information until the day of the change. There are positive as well as negative results from different styles of leadership when dealing with change in the workplace. A good leader possesses the skills to conform to their employees. Some good leadership styles to take into consideration include: charismatic, instrumental, and missionary leadership. Although, all leadership styles depend on the situation and the employees that it will effect. Continue reading