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Top 23 Cheap Master’s Degrees in the Most Costly States

Cheap Master's DegreesGetting a Master’s degree can be a very wise choice. It can easily advance your career and make you an expert in the field of your studies.

It is one of the best ways to expand your knowledge, but this advanced degree is not free, nor it usually comes at a cheap price. It can be hard to find a program you can afford, especially in the expensive states. So, we have done the work and research for you!

California and New York are known as the two most expensive states, along with others like Texas, Florida, Hawaii. Here some cheap master’s degrees in some of the most costly states.


California is a beautiful state with excellent weather in the south, but it can be very pricy! California has a system of public universities in many different locations that make it affordable to pursue a master’s degree. Continue reading

5 Ways to Get a Low Residency: Masters Programs that Do Not Mind Your Cash Status

Masters ProgramsLooking to study abroad? It’s a great opportunity and one that everyone should experience. The problem is that studying abroad, especially if you are seeking for a master’s degree, is out of reach for most because of finances.

The good news is that there is a solution! Don’t automatically discount yourself from being eligible to study abroad, or even continue your education in general. One option to lower your costs is to get a low residency master’s program.

There are many low residency master’s programs available, which will lower your overall wastes. Continue reading

20 Topics for a Case Study for MBA to Be Useful for the Audience

MBA Case Study TopicsAn MBA creates careers for thousands of students every year. As the economic recovery leads global expansion, industry needs new managers and leaders.

Since management ties into every aspect of the organization, and as business demands to drive MBA programs to new technologies, methodologies, and approaches, the case study for MBA remains a core academic learning tool.

The case studies work two ways: you learn from doing it; and your contribution helps others appreciate the issue differently.

Here’s a list of 20 useful topics for your MBA case study: Continue reading

12 Essential Steps to Write a Thesis: Master’s Degree is Close

Master's Degree ThesisIf you’re reading this article, then most likely that you’re almost done with your master’s degree. Congrats for being in the home stretch!

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work involved to finish off what you’ve started. No worries though! We’ve covered some awesome tips on how to go about writing your thesis for your dissertation. Check them out.

1. Choose Your Topic

You have a field of study, but for your thesis you’ll need to get rather narrow. Brainstorm what topics you are interested in. Continue reading

5 Cogent Signs Not to Buy Thesis Online from the Undisclosed Source

Buying Thesis OnlineUniversities keep students deep in assignments. Undergraduates usually feel overwhelmed, up against the wall of repeated and mounting deadlines. Actually, it’s so easy to find some support on the Internet. But, if you want to buy thesis online from an undisclosed source, think more than twice.

There is much so pressure out there. Even the slightest quality error, accuracy, or plagiarism can cost you a lot. So, here are 5 points why not to be on the bit.

1.   Price

Apparent deals attract students pinched for money. But, in the thesis for sale business, low price is a warning to be wary. The best writers work for the most reputable agencies that give you some guarantees that the piece will be of the best quality, and, of course, charge a quite high price. Continue reading

7 Tips on How to Choose the Right Person for Custom Thesis Writing

Custom Thesis WritingAcademic writing assignments challenge students to cover and investigate important issues. Their works answer questions, as well as maps out future ideas. Moreover, students are asked to provoke readers to think and grow.

Choosing the right person for custom thesis writing means to find the writer who can deliver the issue with appeal, interest, clarity, as well as subject matter comprehension.

Custom thesis writers can help mould your work into something organized, meaningful, and successful.

When you’re browsing for support, you must cut through hundreds of offers from individuals and services. In this case it is quite important to narrow down the most qualified, reputable, and affordable providers.

But, the quality of the writing should take precedence. To determine that, you need to look through some writing samples to see if the style of writing suits your demands. Continue reading

5 Essential Chapters in a Dissertation Sufficient to be Covered

Dissertation ChaptersA dissertation is a thesis on steroids. The thesis sticks closely to your outside research, but the dissertation expects you to show critical thinking and a problem solving.

The core chapters in the dissertation are standard, but any writer can enlarge the number of them to make the paper more readable, useful, and memorable that is very important.

Academic standards call for five sections. Basically, professors agree on an outline that lets them work through the papers methodically, following some core format metrics. Continue reading

Is It Possible to Find a Worthy Doctoral Thesis Online?

Worthy Doctoral ThesisUniversities award doctoral degrees to serious and ambitious students every year. In most fields, the PhD is the top achievement. It opens doors and provides with a career, so it is well worth the time, efforts, and expenses.

But, a must to meet the requirements of a dissertation pressures doctoral candidates. The demands for time, resources, and quality overwhelm many students, even the intellectually advanced ones.

So, an increasing number of students look for some advice and assistance to complete a doctoral thesis online.

A Ph.D. dissertation can be considered as an astonishing task. It requires a clear thesis statement, extensive research, scholarly documentation, and writing of considerable length. So, any reasonable assistance including online resources is worth exploring by students, needing some support. But, is that a good idea to search for some help on the Internet? Continue reading

5 Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Libraries to Scoop the Ideas for the Final Piece

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation LibrariesAcademic research begins at a library door. But, today’s libraries thrive in electronic and digital world. A thesis or dissertation depends on extensive research into primary and secondary sources. So, making those virtual library shelves accessible and student-friendly provides with a great number of big benefits.

If you are enrolled in a brick and mortar university, it will have a physical library. But, nowadays, even those have large digital data sources. Many universities and colleges have their own virtual libraries that are free for their students. Regardless, there are a lot of electronic thesis and dissertation libraries that provide students with a great number of opportunities.

There is free and public access to libraries of children’s books, science fiction, sports stories, and more. But, if you want to focus on those that can help you with academic work, here are some of them. Continue reading

20 Environmental Studies Project Topics to Stand out from the Rest

Environmental Studies Project TopicsEven the best students face troubles when they start their big projects. Instructors assign broad categories, but honing in on a specific one that suits you most can be a big challenge. There is no denying, as well as there is a lot of material out there, but your job is to get it to fall together and create a catchy topic that stands out of the others.

There are thousands of resources on topics like environmental studies. Therefore, the only thing that you need is to make a choice of the topic and get down to writing.

Environmental sciences is an interdisciplinary field. Such a complex blend of subjects attracts students because it is fresh, evolving, and innovative, as well as due to the facts that it lacks easy answers and settled background knowledge. Continue reading