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The Relationship Between Methods and Methodology in Project Writing

Methods and Methodology in Project WritingEveryone who has the need to conduct an academic research project should develop the way that he or she approaches its aim. There is even an separate chapter devoted to methodology. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, methodology is interpreted as “a body of methods, rules, and postulates employed by a discipline”. So, as a researcher, you should understand the slight nuances of the terminology – should you use methods or methodologies?

A starting point for writing a perfect research paper, including a dissertation, is to know what aims you follow and how you’re going to achieve them in your research study. Let’s focus on how methods tie in the methodology chapter.

Methods Are Concrete Research Tools in the Methodology Chapter

A research method is simply a tool that allows to gather and analyze data related to research questions and hypothesis. On the educational platform, Research Methodology, various types of research methods are presented and classified according to:

  • the type of research (quantitative or qualitative);
  • the nature of research (analytical or descriptive);
  • the goals of the study (to identify, to evaluate, to solve an issue, etc.);
  • the research design (exploratory and conclusive).

Moreover, in the Martino Flynn Blog, three more essential factors of selecting the type of methods are added:

  • a sample size (how many participants are needed);
  • timing (how quickly results are need);
  • the availability of existing Information (if the data already exist).

Your task is to describe actions that are taken to investigate your research problem so clearly and precisely that readers could critically evaluate a study’s validity and reliability.

Methodology is a Validity for Using Research Methods

The methodology chapter features the theoretical, scholar and critical approaches that you intend to use in your research project. Here you can provide the information:

  • what scientific works you read;
  • what constructive ideas are drawn;
  • what theories your study is based on;
  • why you choose the particular way of doing research.

Besides revealing the research methods used in a dissertation, your task is to include:

  • the theory your research study is based on;
  • the scientific works that contribute to the way of researching your topic;
  • empirical research you approach while doing your own one;
  • any other considerations influenced your decision to use certain methods.

As an examiner, Pat Thomson, expects to see in the methodology section:

  • a brief restatement of the research problem;
  • a methodological discussion;
  • the research design;
  • the information about what has been achieved, how much data has been produced and how it connects to the research question(s), how the data has been analysed.

Finally, you should bear in mind the main feature of the chapter under consideration – methods is the what, methodology is the why. If you’re seeking the most effective research methods for your own study, you can ask your colleagues, advisers, or rely on our academic writers. Our experienced specialists are able to do research by using well-organized and well-planned research design together with the effective methods. Achieve the best results in research with the professional help.

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