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How to Choose a Final Year Project Topic to Enjoy Writing and Impress Your Professor

They say that if you skillfully choose the topic for your assignment, half of the battle is already won. While everybody knows that it’s true, many students forget about the importance of the right subject. But we will explain it again and again so that you wouldn’t have any problems in the future because of a poor choice.

If your process of picking a topic is driven by criteria like your professor’s preferences, trends or the abundance of information about it on the Internet, your project is bound to fail. The most significant principle you have to be guided by is your interest. If you select the topic that is boring for you, there will be zero motivation and determination. But, if you, on the contrary, opt for a challenging subject that you are really curious about, you will be ready to invest time and efforts to produce a high-grade paper. However, it’s not always easy to spot that ultimate idea.

Here, in our article, we will tell you which steps to take to come up with a perfect final year project topic. Continue reading

9+ Major Points of Any Fiction Writing Class You Should Start Using Right Away

It’s quite trendy to attend different workshops and seminars because learning is a hype nowadays. Anyone who is good at some activity can organize a lecture or class to share his/her knowledge with others. And it’s pretty cool because apart from the knowledge you gain, you can meet new people, network and find a lot of beneficial opportunities (if we talk about physical seminars).

With the online age, this whole process has become even easier and much cheaper. Getting more popular, offline seminars have started to charge considerable entry fees, and Internet educational platforms have seized this opportunity. Now they provide different online courses for a token payment or even for free, but in order to obtain and train the skills you want to improve, especially fiction writing, you need to devote a great deal of time and efforts for e-classes. Continue reading

How to Use an Example of a Research Paper to Write a Stellar Original Paper

Imitation can lead to innovation.
© David Strang

Although we start with the quote from a business book, its name, Learning by Example, and content have much in common with the principles we are going to discuss. We offer you to buy a sample research paper with the help of which you can write your own academic piece and improve a certain set of skills. And before you become too skeptical to consider this option, let’s look into some basic concepts that will prove us right.

From our childhood, we use observational learning to get to know how to behave in the simplest situations. As we grow, the behavioral patterns become more complicated, and we continue imitating role models gaining our own personal features on the way. This design of learning can be well appropriated into academic writing which nowadays causes many problems for students because of the: Continue reading

Writing a Layout of a Research Paper Wrong Side Foremost

It is extremely difficult to concentrate on any task for a long time nowadays. There are distractions on each corner, and the assignments are not getting any easier (or less numerous).

That’s why you come across so many productivity techniques, apps helping to focus, writing tactics, etc. All these assistive resources are primarily designed to make you more prolific. But its consequential function is to at least spark your interest in trying something new, and, thus, engage you in finally doing your homework. To tell the truth, this second function works much better.

A reverse layout of a research paper is one of those techniques that assists you in academic writing when nothing else can force you to sit down to complete the task. Usual outlining is, by all means, great and effective, but it doesn’t always work. The backward layout implies that you first write a rough draft of the paper, and only then sketch the outline relying on what comes out of your “free writing”. It has certain benefits which we’re going to discuss in detail. Continue reading

McDonald Case Study Sample

McDonald Case StudyThe guide below presents a McDonald case study in a form of qualitative descriptive research. Such case study is usually applied in order to assess the organization and identify the key points in its current development. In order to write a McDonald case study it was necessary to collect the most accurate data, records, interviews or examinations. The guide presented below regards such vital for a case study sections as company profile. This paper demonstrates a brief history of company’s development and focuses on its current position on the market. Further, a SWOT analysis is presented that regards closely the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for McDonald’s. PEST analysis as well as recommendation for new strategies are also required to present a complete case study of the company. Continue reading

6+ TEDx Videos to Come Up with Stellar Astronomy Project Topics for Your Major

Stellar Astronomy Project Topics for MajorYou probably know that every second the Sun emits energy that is equal to billions of nuclear bombs, and the Moon supposedly appeared as a result of the collision of the Earth with another early planet. These are facts that involuntarily spark interest, and you are aware of them because you are an Astronomy geek preparing to be (or already are) an Astronomy major.

Throughout your college studies you will certainly get assigned with a writing task within the Astronomy field. With that thought in mind, we’ve gathered for you 6+ TEDx videos that will be a great source of Astronomy project topics, wonderful ideas and information for the actual text. Watch them and imagine yourself already researching one of the interesting and challenging subjects from TEDx talks. Continue reading

Top 7 East Coast Universities to Get Your Bachelor in Creative Writing Diploma

Bachelor in Creative Writing DiplomaWhy do students choose creative writing as a major? Firstly, the profession of a creative writer is widely popularized throughout the media, and this certainly impacts young people’s decisions when they want to pick an interesting future path (that will be well-paid as well). Secondly, this major provides students with a great deal of useful skills necessary for many jobs out there:


  • Copywriting;
  • Critical thinking;
  • Creative way of thought;
  • Effective self-expression;
  • Analytical skills;
  • Editing/proofreading skills.

If you’ve made up your mind in favor of creative writing, this is a great choice. And to help you achieve your ambitions, we’ve compiled a list of 7 best East Coast universities where you can become a Bachelor in creative writing. Continue reading

Undergraduate Creative Writing

Undergraduate Creative WritingThe ability to be creative is extremely important for people who want to receive a degree in linguistics, literature or journalism and build a successful academic career as a professional journalist or writer after graduation from university. Undergraduate creative writing requires from students to write narratives using literary tropes, character development, and traditions of poetry. Certainly, it is not an activity for all people because it is important to possess the talent to become a good creative writer. However, some technical skills and knowledge on general writing are important to produce high-quality works as well.

Academic writing needs that students write their essays and papers based on thorough research and credible sources, whereas undergraduate creative writing is a type of writing the main purpose of which is to develop students’ self-expression. Nonetheless, it does not mean that creative writing does not oblige students to learn basic rules on literature genres, read stories and novels, and learn grammar to write and organize thoughts properly. Continue reading

Improving Your MBA Writing Habits: 8 Tips to Get the Most out of Research

There are a lot of benefits that you can reap by polishing your MBA writing skills and habits. Most MBA students find it very daunting to write informative thesis, essays and research papers because they are unable to get the most out of what they have studied and researched.

In this article, we’ve mentioned 8 tips that will help you improve your writing habits and polish your writing skills to such an extent that that you may even start to like writing:

1. Practice Writing Every Single Day

This does not require as much effort as one may be led to believe. Writing daily doesn’t mean you have to write thousands of words in a single day and it also doesn’t mean that you have to specifically write for MBA projects. You can write on any topic you desire and your mind start to get used to writing and research, which you’re probably doing already. Continue reading

6 Great Tips on How to Choose Researchable MBA Projects Topics

Working on MBA Projects is not an easy task and most students find themselves stressed out when they have to prepare for them out of the blue. This is because MBA projects can take about 6 to 8 months to complete properly, depending on work commitments. When tasked with this for the first time, students often have no idea how it’s done.

In this article, we’ll give you a head start by discussing 6 tips that’ll help you choose researchable MBA project topics, so you can get to work on your project as soon as possible.

1. Recall the Modules

Taking an in-depth review of the modules that you have found interesting throughout the study will help you search for relevant modules. This aids in choosing a perfect topic for your MBA project.

2. Explore Various Ideas from the Start

While most students prefer to get themselves ready in the second semester of an MBA program, smarter ones start exploring various ideas and project topics during their first year of study, which better prepares them compared to the average student. Continue reading