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How to Nail MBA Project Reports Writing with 7 Simple Guidelines

Writing MBA project reports? Well, you are in luck! This article defines how you can nail writing those MBA project reports with just 7 simple guidelines.

Following these guidelines will ensure that you write stellar and highly compelling MBA project reports without any hiccups whatsoever:

1. How to Arrange Chapters the Right Way

Writing MBA project reports is a never-ending task. You want to get this done properly to begin with, otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of your time trying to redo the report, making corrections etc. Here is how you should arrange chapters in your reports:

  • Have a title page right from the start with the format enclosed.
  • Next comes the introduction page.
  • After that, attach certificates and a declaration.
  • If your project is based on a company, a certificate needs to be mentioned.
  • Include the acknowledgement.
  • Next, a list of tables and figures are to be mentioned.
  • Finally, you’ll include abbreviations and operational definitions that you’ve used throughout the report.

2. What You Should Write in the Introduction

The introduction is what influences and motivates the reader to read further. How do you write a an interesting and compelling MBA project report? It’s simple when you keep the following in mind:

First of all, you’ll mention the problem in a definition or statement style. If you are reporting for a company, the company profile will also be included. Then, use the KSA (knowledge, skills and attitude) model to explain research objectives. You’ll also have to state research methodology right after the objectives and finally, you’ll write about the limitations of the project before concluding the introduction.

3. Discuss Things Thoroughly in a Literature Review

Under the literature review, you should scrutinize theories, models, hypotheses and concepts which underpin the project because if you think about it, a project report actually offers theoretical knowledge, which is applied while analyzing problems or issues faced by companies in real-time.

4. Include Everything You Have Found

In a project report, you must include every piece of data you have found regarding problems or issues that are to be discussed, and then, you need to analyze all that data after a literature review. Remember not to conclude anything extra here; just plain data and nothing else.

5. Write a Stellar Summary

Many students find themselves under stress when they have to write a summary. However, it’s very simple once you know how to do it.

What you have to do is shorten the data that you have already written in the “findings’ section and repurpose it in the summary section. That’s it.

6. Incorporate a Proper Layout in Your Report

Before you print out your MBA project report, you should know that it has to be printed on one side of an A4-sized paper with 1.5 spacing between lines. It is mandatory to comply with the MLA handbook style format and must be paperback bound – you can check out the library for samples. Be sure that the project does not exceed the 150-page count.

7. What to Include in Conclusions and Suggestions

Once you have concluded the report and made suggestions with regards to the problems or issues discussed, you must include references such as articles, books or other sources used to prepare the report. You can also include an appendix section if it is required in your project, which utilizes the questionnaire in the study.

That’s it! Following the above guidelines will save you a lot of trouble and you’ll be able to nail your MBA project reports in no time. Also, you can visit our MBA paper writing service which hires the best academic writers.

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