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Thesis about Writing Skills

Thesis about Writing SkillsWriting is a medium of human communication, which depicts both language and feeling through the superscription or record of signs and symbols. In the vast majority of languages, the process of composing is a supplement to speech or spoken language. Writing is not simply a language but a type of technology, which has advanced as the appliances and improved with the progress of the human society. The outcome of writing is generally called text, and the receiver of it is referred to as a reader. There is also a wide range of writing activities, including publication, storytelling, correspondence, and diary. The thesis about writing skills is the compressed idea on the particular ways to enhance the writing task and stimulate the personality’s achievement in this realm.

It is widely known that writing skills are highly connected with the writing itself. However, they are often limited to the ability to demonstrate the expressed thoughts and ideas accurately through writing. This skill requires a high level of proficiency and regular practice as well as knowledge. In order to possess the prominent writing skills, one firstly needs to implement the strong words instead of the commonly known and regular ones in writing. Worthy writing, whether it is in a novel or a scholarly essay, is usually accurate, evocative and enriched with unexpected and spontaneous. Finding an appropriate verb or adjective can transform a weak sentence into a powerful one, which people will remember and quote for years to come.

In addition, a good writing is simple, clear and precise. That is why it is strongly recommended to use appropriate words without filling up the page with the unuseful or extremely sophisticated language. Afterward, it would be much better to present a story to the reader instead of telling it by using miscellaneous descriptions reflecting actions and senses to create a new substance to the narrative. Besides, avoiding cliches is another step on the way to writing creatively. Cliches are known to be completely out of the place when it comes to worthy writing and is too general to leave a lasting impression on the reader. In this case, such phrases, ideas or situations that have been used so often that they have lost any impact can be substituted with the more advanced structures to attract the attention.

Besides, the strong writing is always associated with the principle of eschewing generalizations and providing the reliable evidence while speculating about any issue. Explaining the thinking by the simple statements will allow readers to see that a writer knows what he or she is talking about. It will also help to determine whether they agree or disagree with this or her point of view. Furthermore, becoming familiar with the examples of excellent writing will help to improve one’s own writing skills. Reading and understanding the works of the great and influential writers is the best option to consider. By plunging in the works of the good writers, the vocabulary will be expanded on a visibly higher level and one’s vivid imagination will be fed.

Overall, it is worth mentioning that writing skills are an accomplishment, which is not achieved quickly. This process requires quite a big amount of the constant effort and self-development. In order to write more descriptively, one has to adhere to the vivid vocabulary and practice critical thinking, which is crucial to provide an efficient demonstration of thoughts.

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