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How to Create a Striking Global Warming Thesis Statement

Global Warming Thesis StatementGlobal warming is defined as the consistent rise in temperature as a result of the various human activities and industrialization. Global warming is one of the issues that currently affect the world.

Your professor may assign you to write a paper about global warming. You will, therefore, be required to write a global warming thesis statement at the beginning of your piece.

A thesis statement is the most important part in any paper. A thesis statement, therefore, serves as the introduction to your whole thesis. It enables anyone who reads your paper to get good understanding of what you are talking about. As a student, you need to make your thesis statement as enjoyable as you can.

You should consider the following tips to make your global warming thesis statement interesting.

Present It in Form of a Warning

People are always concerned about their lives. As such everyone will be very alarmed if they see that the topic that you are going to discuss is going to show how global warming affects their health.

Evaluate the Causes

At the beginning, you should tell the reader that you will discuss various causes of the condition. Remember, after they have read that the issue is affecting their lives they will be interested to know what might be causing the problems.

Preventive Measures

You also need to tell the readers that you are going to inform them about how they can avoid the particular issues. Remember that they will be glad to know the preventive measures.

No General Information

You need to make your thesis statement stand out from the crowd. Consider this example “Human activities has not caused much global warming as industrial gas emissions”. Such a thesis statement will be difficult to argue. If it sounds “Human activities and industrial emissions have contributed to the rising cases of global warming”, it would be easier to explain.

Be Precise

Your thesis statement should not be too long. Remember that a thesis statement is a summary of what you are going to write in your paper. It should, therefore, carry only the message of the piece.

Check Your Draft

When you have mentioned all the points that were names above, the most important thing to do is to check you whole thesis statement. Read it some times and make sure that you have not commit any mistakes. If it is possible, read your completed statement to your friend or to your relative to get a feedback, so you can change it before it is too late.

Global warming is a big issue in our modern life. As a student, you should show your professor that you have good understanding of the topic. You should also be able to educate the audience how they can prevent the issues. So, do your best to create a truly masterpiece that will hook the readers and will call them to action.

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