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Dissertation on The Holocaust

This is an extract from dissertation on the Holocaust:
All my life I have always been intrigued with Hitler and the Holocaust and how someone could rise to have that much power over millions of people. There are so many things we don’t know or maybe understand about the Holocaust, but it is a big part of history that many people choose to ignore it. Here is a little insight on some real events about what happened.

When Adolf Hitler was growing up, he said he wanted to be in some kind of military office and have people listen to what he had to say. On January 5, 1919, Hitler joined the German Worker’s Party. Only after a couple months Hitler was the head of the German party. He then changed the name to National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NASDP/Nazi). By 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and outlawed all political parties other than the Nazi Party. By outlawing other political parties, Hitler gained almost full control over Germany and its people. The only thing Hitler really needed was power, and then he could begin killing off the Jewish people. The more control he had, the more people would listen. This was ideal for Hitler, but horrible for the Jews.

Before the Holocaust had even started, the Jewish communities had anything but an easy life. The government boycotted against Jewish stores, all communications were confiscated, and all Jews were removed from various fields of entertainment. The Jews people had to register their personal property so when they were sent to the ghettos, the Nazis knew they were not hiding any valuable belongings. Jews expected to receive all their possessions back at the end of the Holocaust. Jewish children were not allowed to go to school, and parents were unable to work with German people. In 1939, the Jewish families had to start wearing an armband showing the Star of David for their religion. The Holocaust for the Jews had just begun.

Long before Hitler came to power, Jewish families were often isolated in areas called ghettos. Which he used to his advantage. He would confine Jewish families in these ghettos before they were sent to concentration camps. Teresienstadt (or Terezin), a ghetto, built in northwestern Czechoslovakia was a place Hitler would send the International Red Cross when they came for inspections. Terezin was beautiful. There were flower gardens, cafes, and even Jewish schools. Hitler went so far as to making pamphlets to show the Jews people how wonderful things would be. None of the Jews expected what was about to happen when they were transferred to the camps.

Concentration camps were actually forced labor and death camps. All camps had one thing in common, the extinction of Jews. The living conditions of all these camps were extremely brutal. The first camp ever built was for the sole purpose of holding political opponents. Later on came a more diverse group of people, mainly those who had criticized Germans and the Nazi Party. By September 1941, Nazis began using the first gassing executions in vans and trucks until the completion of the first concentration camp. They would not only kill the Jewish families by gassing them, but also burning them alive, starving them, and working them to death; any way they could think of killing they would. There was no selection process of these executions. Jews were destroyed upon arrival. Hitler had Jews send postcards to their families encouraging them to come to this wonderful camp. The postcards said everything was going to change for the better. Many Jewish families went willingly, not knowing they were going to be murdered. Hitler had a master plan for all this and it worked for some time, but there is always an end to everything.

Mid 1944, Adolf Hilter and his troops realized they were losing the war. Two men, Alfred Wetzler and Rudolf Vrba, escaped successfully from Auschwitz and told the world what millions were still going through. The first concentration camp to be liberated by the Soviet troops was Majdanek. This is when Hitler started to clear out his camps because he was trying to cover up his mess. He began death marches, one of them being Warsaw to Kutno. He could not use any other transportation due to the fact of being stopped along the way by allied troops. On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler killed himself in the Berlin Bunker. By May 5, 1945, allied forces had liberated all camps. On May 7, 1945, German troops surrendered. Millions of Jews were killed, but with time, it would get better for the Jewish communities. The prosecution they had been enduring for centuries was not to far from over.

The best thing that may have happened to Germany and other suffering countries, is Alfred and Rudolfs escape from Auschwitz. Hitler was brilliant at achieving mass destruction of Jews, and conning millions of German people into believing that these Jews were really horrible people. The Jewish religion is still looked down upon by millions of people still today. But one thing is for sure, the Holocaust will not be repeated.


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