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Autism Dissertation

This is a dissertation chapter on Autism:

Just imagine your child was diagnosed of having autism. The realization of your child perhaps being autistic may be lurid. You now know that your child will be found with many challenges, and may have a severe difficulty making sense of the world. Autism is an illness that can affect your communication, socialization, intelligence, and you may act in many unusual behaviors. To try to help an autistic child is being very courageous. Having a child will who is autistic will be a struggle throughout both of your lives.

Autism can be described in many ways. Autism medically, is a neurological disorder, which can affect the brain from trying to properly function normally. Autism is always a childhood disorder. It is where a child is in his own world. This may be very difficult for the average person to understand. Autistic children will have a problem demonstrating many special skills like socializing, communicating, and using their sensory system. Some call autism an information processing disorder. Autism should be known that it is not a disorder that a child can catch or create. It is a neurological brain disorder that is inborn. The child will differ in many ways of a normal average person. The major issue that devastates parents is that the child will most likely not be able to make sense of the world. I think what a mother once, said is an example of how difficult this disorder can be, for the child and the parent. She said “ we start with an image-a tiny, golden child on hands and knees, circle in ground and round a spot on the floor in mysterious self-absorbed delight. She does not look up, though she is smiling and laughing; she does not call our attention to the mysterious object of her pleasure. She does not see us at all. She and the spot are all there is, and thought she is eighteen months old, an age for touching, tasting, pointing, pushing, exploring, she is doing none of these.”

Throughout the years and into the future, the causes of autism are unknown. Scientists and people in the medical world all have their own hypothesis and idea about the disorder. But the opinion of so many researchers and physicians around the world are very mixed. Many believe the origin may be genetics. Many should know that the external environment can not cause autism. The major majority should know that every scientist knows that autism is not caused by bad or poor parenting. The hypothesis by many is genetics, over the years with the progression of genetics and DNA it is very possible. Scientists have done prior studies and will continue in the next couple of years. One study was the research of identical twins. It indicated that autism tends to occur in both twins if it occurs in one. Most observations will have no cause for the diagnosis of autism. But many are starting to believe it is caused by a viral infection. Some of these complicated viral infections are congenital rubella, cytomegalic inclusion disease, phenyliketonuria, and many believe in this viral infection to be a cause because it is an inherited enzyme deficiency or the fragile x syndrome, a chromosomal disorder. But most of autism is not known, but is believe to be caused by biological factors. Due to: neurological symptoms, genetic causes, infections and difficulties in pregnancy. BBC broadcasting network once brought on the air, the new study that was going to be done by the Department of Health with joint forces with the Medical Research Council (MRC) to conduct more research about the disorder. The department of Health spokesman said “this information will help to identify the areas where future research is needed which will help scientists develop high quality proposals for research funding.” The research project did end last April, and again another wall for the medical industry. They did not find any evidence or cause of what autism may be caused or linked with.

There are a number of ways to determine if your child may perhaps have the disorder of autism. There are many hotlines, websites, and books on autism. If you think your child may have autism, they always advise parents to see their physician. There are many lists of the symptoms of autism, some of them are resisting normal teaching methods, inappropriate laughing and giggling, lack of speech or impaired speech, acts as if deaf, no fear of danger, echolalia, insensitivity, spins objects, not cuddly, no eye contact, no motor skills or coordination, standoffish manner, resists change in routine, difficulty in mixing with other children, inappropriate attachment to objects, extreme passivity, crying tantrums, and extreme distress for no discernible reason. The list goes on and on for autistic children. Most of these symptoms can be detected at a young age, and that parents may notice. Some of these symptoms will not be noticed until at an older age, some symptoms teachers might notice. The most important factor is that parents usually do not notice the signs or symptoms of autism at birth. Parents and caregivers will most likely pick these signs up by the time the child turns three years old. Many of the severe symptoms the parents or caregiver might notice is that the child does not want to be held, not interested in certain games, and cannot talk. Some parents come to the immediate conclusion that the child may be deaf.

One major issue parents, friends, and caregivers face is the question, how do I communicate, socialize, and help my child? These questions have many answers and many answers that are still being studied and researched by child psychologists, psychiatrists, and sociologists. One symptom I did mention before was a word called “echolalia”, I now know this can be interpreted as a delayed language acquisition, and the child may respond to a question by repeating it immediately (immediate echolalia). Another, is repeating parts of a conversation heard in the past (delayed echolalia). May repeat certain sounds over and over again (verbal perseveration) it also may be difficult for a child to convey his or her own needs. Examples are, if the child is hungry or ever in pain. This is one of the most lurid obstacles for a parent to come to realize. It is also very hard to socialize with an autistic child. Frequently autistic children will want to play alone, have no interest in making any friends, cannot make contact into your eyes, and will not show any sign of affection. This is very hard for family, friends, caregivers, and teachers to have to deal with. Most autistic children also have an IQ of under 70, that of an average person. About 20-40% of autistic children that have an IQ of fewer than 50 may start having seizures before adolescence. There are also many variances of autism, sometimes called childhood-onset pervasive development disorder or atypical autism. This may begin later then 12 years old. They start to behave in many bizarre mechanisms. The child may also be diagnosed with tourette’s syndromes, obsessive compulsive disorder, or hyperactivity. It is very difficult for a doctor to diagnose one symptom or disorder from another.

To help your child through autism at the beginning and into his life is very demanding, challenging, and time consuming. You have to be the quintessence of parents. The first step in the progression of you child is understanding, interpreting, and being knowledgeable about your child’s disorder. You also must understand your child’s needs. A parent needs to be aware that there is help out there for his or her child. Many parents when first hearing of the diagnosis of her child becomes very sad and angry. You need to come to terms and realization of your child’s needs. One organization that helps people deal with autism is organizations such as the Forum for Autism Awareness in (FFA) Mumbai and Action for Autism (AFA) in Delhi. They educate you in the progression and needs of you and your child. Depending on your child’s difficulties, he or she may need a special educator, speech therapist, occupational therapist, and someone who deals with sensory integration. People in the medical field say that a school can be very beneficial to your child. The classroom can clear expectations, goals, and learning experiences for the child. There are many progressions and organizations that will help your child be able to deal with life. There are not just learning deficits in an autistic child, there also many daily things like bathing, and eating that a child with autism may need help with. The most important thing to realize is there is help and hope for you and your child.

In short, there is also another point of view that disregards a lot of what people think autism is caused by. One thing Americans should know is that autism is one of a number of children’s neurological disorders of psychogenic nature, which means that autism can be caused by abusive and traumatic treatment of infants. Another view of the cause of autism is that in Europe many researchers performed post mortem examinations of autistic children who died from other causes. They recognized damage to their brains. The damage to young children can be manifested in psychomotor delay, ataxia, speech problems and seizures. The moral of the point of view of many other people in the medical field and researchers of autism is that there is a mounting amount of scientific evidence suggesting denial by the American society that the causes of damage to millions of these children, is that they were traumatized, and consequence brain damage because of cruel treatment by parents who are otherwise too busy to love and care for their babies. This again is another point of view of why children are diagnosed with autism. Many parents and physicians dismissed the evidence, but it is very scientifically true.

There is now a lot of research being done by genetics, DNA, and vaccines for autism. Around the world, scientists are trying to find the causes of autism, to try to invent a vaccine to cure autism. They are trying to invent a vaccine to cure or prevent autism. Genetics is a different story. Researchers are started to pain a picture by how the chromosomes might be getting altered or mutated for the birth of the infant. Further discoveries could lead to something called a gene test for autism. This would help only parents and families, but would also accelerate the pace of research for autism. There s not much about DNA, Genetics, or Vaccines known to cure or prevent autism or how it is caused in many children. But, researches and scientists, I believe, in the next couple of years will find out.

Researchers and scientists are dedicated to finding the reason and causes behind autism. They are always trying to transcend their knowledge in the medical world, to try to help these autistic children. New things are being discovered daily. Learning about the subject remains a continuous process. In the future, there will be many new therapies, medications, and alternative medications and treatments hopefully in the next couple of years to help your child. Parents are really the best teacher for their child. Autism has been diagnosed to many children in the last year. Scientists feel there has to be a reason why this illness occurs, especially in infants. It might take months, years, or a century. But someday we will be able to overcome the autistic disorder.


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