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6 Hooks to Entice Readers in a Thesis Statement Topic Sentence

Thesis Statement TopicWhen writing a thesis, you have to grab the reader’s attention from the very start. Creating a catchy thesis statement topic sentence can be easy when you use a strong hook.

In its literal sense, a hook grabs something. In the same way, using hooks in your thesis will make it compelling and will capture the readers’ interest from the very beginning making them read on.

A good topic sentence can make a thesis more readable and help the thesis follow an organized structure. It is usually the first sentence of the paragraph which uses phrases to link it to the thesis as a whole.

The aim of a topic sentence is to introduce the reader to what will be discussed next. In other words, it helps to get around the whole thesis. Using words such as ‘firstly’ or ‘finally’ helps with progress within the piece and keeps the reader interested.

An opening sentence of an introduction or of a new paragraph is a chance to capture or re-capture the reader’s attention, or even his/her imagination. There are many ways to do this, often referred to as ‘hooks’.

1. A Quote

A direct or paraphrased quote can set the scene perfectly, especially if it is an unknown quotation. Try not to opt for the usual aspects.

2. A Fact

An interesting ‘did you know?’ can impress and attract the readers and urge them to continue reading to find out what other interesting facts they might find out while reading your paper.

3. A Question

A question that you are going on to answer within your paper, will involve the reader to the action of your work and will make them wanting to know more on this point.

4. An Opinion

A sentence that takes a viewpoint can be critically analyzed once you have ‘hooked’ the reader.

5. A Statement

A simple statement of information can be used as a generic hook. You will then go on to expand on this.

6. Definition

A dictionary definition of the unfamiliar notion can be used directly or paraphrased to clutch the reader’s interest.

The idea is to ensure that it is not dull or dry, but appealing and interesting. The main aim is to make the readers involved and to make them want to read on.

It is better to highlight the theme in the first sentence, for the reader to know why this paper is relevant. Also, try not to give too much information or heavy sentences, as these can both do the opposite of a good hook and distract the reader.

The idea is to start with something light, interesting and intriguing. You can achieve this, following one of the points mentioned above or playing around with some new ideas. The key is to think of the ways in which readers’ attention could be grabbed – that would help them read.

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