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Thesis on Technology

Thesis on TechnologyA thesis on technology is an argument presented in one sentence aimed to describe the main point of the writing. A well-composed thesis statement refers to the key points that the author will further examine within the writing piece. The most significant idea that relates to the thesis on technology to be encompassed is the need to establish credible evidence for the ideas highlighted in the thesis. The final work should hold not only the personal attitude towards the technology but also the reasonable arguments that would support the key ideas. To write a thesis statement on technology an individual could refer to the transformational shift that the society experiences in terms of the amount of innovations applied daily in life. The example of a thesis on technology below entails a proper essay structure with the highlighted thesis statement appropriate for the work.

Nowadays, the world has transformed immensely by introducing new means of communication that are characterized by the application of technology. Mobile devices along with major innovations, such as solar panels, are aimed to make the life of the society better. It is crucial to understand the benefits that the technology provides while considering the corresponding effects it may imply. Technology is an innovational force that simplifies people’s lives, enables globalization and demands balance in utilization for people to have mainly positive experience.

Technology has evolved much so that people can reduce time on the other things and activities. For example, a mobile phone simplifies the process of communicating, taking notes, seeing the calendar or time. It holds a range of functions that otherwise would make people turn to a number of different objects. The functionality of modern devices is driven by the need of simplifying people’s lives and fulfilling their daily needs.

The current geopolitical condition can be characterized by globalization. However, it would not be possible without the technology that helps people connect disregarding their current timezone or location. The increase of knowledge regarding diversity and variety of cultures in the world is featured by the establishment of social networks and programs that help people share their experiences.

Unfortunately, technology can hold negative effects on one’s health. This is related to the fact that devices hold a number of different features that can cause harm on one’s well-being. For example, the durable looking at the screen could deteriorate the sight while sitting in front of the computer set on the table can deteriorate the condition of the posture and shoulders. Moreover, the offline world can draw people away from the social realities.

To sum everything up, there is a need to find balance in the daily use of technology. It is significant to consider both positive and negative features of the technology. With reasonable time devoted to the application of devices, it is possible for people to avoid the harm while experiencing the solemn benefits of the gadgets. There is nothing more revolutionary for the society now. Hence, it is necessary to encompass the change and look at the opportunities rather than the separate effects.

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