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How to Write an Accounting Thesis Proposal

When writing an Accounting thesis proposal, one has to gen with the title page that contains details such as the topic of the proposal, student’s details, the name of the department under which the proposal falls and the date of completion of the proposal. After the title page should come the table of contents which is usually computer generated once the whole paper has been completed. A thesis proposal should have a one page summary that contains the question that one wants to research and a summary of what the paper intends to do. The body paragraphs of the thesis proposal will then contain details such as the methodology of the paper, the conceptual framework of the paper and the literature review section of the proposal.

When you are faced with the choice of selecting the topic for your proposal, one should examine the list of accounting topics that one has studies throughout the doctoral program and shot list about five of these that one is mostly interested in. Out of these five, one should come up a creative topic based on the accounting sources that one can find and use to write the essay paper and also the topic that will present a problem and solution that the accounting community is likely to be more interested in some of the ideas that one could adopt when selecting a viable topic includes the effect of unethical practices in corporate finance and the accounting programs used to train students for the accounting field.

The most important issue when selecting the main point is that one should select a topic that one can comfortably handle. Familiarity with the thesis selected therefore always plays an important role in the choice of topic made by students. When writing an accounting proposal, and indeed any other academic paper, one should keep in mind that the presence of plagiarism in any accounting paper could spell death for that paper. Whenever one includes ideas that are not one’s own, one should make a point of attributing these points to the owner of the ideas in order to avoid the plagiarism problem.

One should also avoid copying information word for word from sources even if one is going to cite the information instead, one should paraphrase the information because not only does this result in a lower similarity index score, but it also illustrates to the reader just how deep one has understood the information contained in the other source in a good enough way to use one’s own words to explain the findings. Given the demands of writing an accounting thesis proposal paper, time is an important factor and one should allocate enough time to the writing project.

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