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Common Mistakes in Thesis Writing

Every student, at a definite stage of their educational process, faces the necessity of composing the so-called “summing-up” project. And in most cases, the thesis is such a project. While preparing material for the thesis and while actually composing this complicated piece of writing, a student needs to be utmost attentive and critical. In case anything goes wrong, the whole student’s reputation may be wasted and the efforts put into such an important writing will be spent in vain. The present article will attempt to describe the most common mistakes a student may do while composing the thesis. The aim of this article is to help students prevent these mistakes in future and succeed with their theses.

The first and foremost mistake which is to be avoided not only while composing a thesis, but during the work on any written assignment is procrastinating and postponing the deadline. Usually, students think that the time flies not as fast as it does.

So, they are, as a rule, inclined to waste their time and spend it for numerous occupations, except for the needed work on the future thesis. To prevent this from happening, it should be desirable to make a short outline with the rough time periods supposed to be spent for every stage of writing: selecting an interesting topic, collecting factual information and searching for materials, drafting the thesis and so on. Every step in the writing process is to be traced and accurately timed.

The second mistake which is very common among students who compose the theses is choosing a dull and uninteresting point to write about. Do not select a topic if you are not deeply interested in it – this will turn the writing process into a complete torture. Choose only topics you desire to open to the readers. This will ensure you do your best to investigate it while completing the thesis. The third common mistake refers to the search of the reliable and credible material for the future topic.

The information is to be properly cited within the paper, otherwise you will be accused of plagiarism. And that will certainly do no good for your reputation. The sources for the paper should be selected with great attention as well. You need to make use of both print and online-based materials to diversify the References section of the future thesis.

Being too independent while composing the thesis is also not a good practice. To make the writing more scientifically-aimed and the content – more capturing, the student needs to consult their scientific advisor at least from time to time. A fresh look at what you have already done will never do harm, so try to involve your group-mates and colleagues into the process of reviewing the thesis when it is possible.

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