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How to Choose Interesting and Researchable Dissertation Topics

An important step when preparing a dissertation is choosing an interesting and researchable topic and this takes a lot of thought and research. When deciding on a dissertation topic, you should consider your research interests; because unlike a regular paper research, the length of a thesis is much larger and you have to avoid writing a dissertation on a topic covered by other scholars.

At first, the topic should be related to the subject of the University Department which you attend. Secondly, consider: what is the aim you will achieve by doing such a work? Beyond the obvious, which is graduating and adding deeper knowledge of an object, if you are ambitious and your thesis is a part of a major research and/or patent, it may bring you a future job and/or earnings by becoming widely known.  Continue reading

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Dissertation?

Some students are struggling to cope with their tasks on time. It may be difficult at times as we all are busy doing important things we are required to do. When it comes to writing a dissertation, you have to concentrate on this task and spend all your time doing it. However, it may not be as easy as it seems. Some people have kids, others have a job. We don’t know what may happen to us tomorrow and what we will have to do and whether we will have enough time to devote to writing a dissertation only. That’s the main reason many students don’t want to risk, so they order dissertation writing from custom writing services. Our goal is to find out whether it is worth buying a dissertation from such services in the first place. Continue reading

How to Choose a PhD Dissertation Topic

Choosing a dissertation topic is a very challenging task and should be done with great care.

Remember when selecting the topic that you will spend a tremendous time researching and studying it. Therefore, you should choose something that truly interests you. Otherwise, your dissertation may seem to go on forever, and you may have trouble making yourself complete it.

You should also keep in mind that once you have completed the study, you will be considered an expert on that topic. For that reason, you should select a topic that will help you to reach your career goals. You must also determine if your study focus adds anything interesting or significant to that field of study. One final concern is whether your study is doable in reference to time, sources, and cost. These are a couple of reasons why dissertation students take a considerable amount of time in deciding on a research area and developing their research questions. Continue reading

Tips for Writing a Philosophy Dissertation Proposal

Before exploring the tips for writing a philosophy dissertation proposal one should know the main aim of writing this kind of paper. The goal of this kind of proposal, and indeed all other kinds of proposal, is to present the dissertation committee with a detailed outline of the intended dissertation projects together with a brief justification of the project and its contribution to the master’s degree that one is seeking. In order to satisfy the goals of the dissertation proposal paper in the best way, one should aim to write a concise, well composed document that clearly articulates the project and how it is related to philosophical literature. Even though dissertation projects are lengthy papers, the proposals are short given that they merely provide detailed outlines and most of them span between six to ten pages in length. When the examiner are looking for a good dissertation proposal, there are three main points that they use to judge just how good the proposal has been written ad these three areas are how clear and concise the selected thesis proposal is and how convincing the statements that explain how one intents to support the thesis statement. Continue reading

Top Dissertation Topics of 2013

Writing a dissertation is a very long process which can take up to a year to be finished. So it is very important to make a good start since every further step you take will depend on whether you’ve made good decisions in the beginning. Although you will have enough time to deal with this task, you really shouldn’t put it off. You had better get down to business right now to have an opportunity to edit or rewrite the parts you consider to be weak and dissatisfying.

Due to the fact that you will have work on the same task for a pretty long period of time, you really need to pick a topic you are interested in and won’t be sick and tired of throughout the whole process of research and writing. Trying to recollect everything you have learned before can be a good idea. Write down your preferable dissertation topics and then specify the one you will be working on. Narrow down a broad topic to a specific problem you would like to research in your dissertation. Make sure there is enough information available to you in order to use for research. The last thing you want to do is to be disappointed with a topic you’ve chosen after a long period of time working on it. So, you had better consider all advantages and disadvantages right in the beginning. Continue reading

How to Write a Business Dissertation Proposal

With the world going mad with corporate affairs, many people have gone back to universities to acquire masters and PhD degrees. Many business schools get flocked during the summer with people and students utilizing the time for the higher degree in business. But, just like any other level of academics, there are striking challenges in earning these higher degrees. This is mostly seen in the writing of a business dissertation. Procedurally, before any dissertation is written, there has to be a dissertation proposal; and this is the part where many students take some of the known sites on how to write a Business dissertation proposal, as their student companions.

Other than the academic sites available on the Internet, there are initiatives, or rather classes, which are intended to make the process of how to write a business dissertation proposal, quite an enjoyable exercise. Many students in business schools and colleges are always working on tight schedules and, therefore, require quick and easy means with which they can write their dissertation proposals. Websites with detailed information on how to write a business dissertation proposal are the best resources students can get for assistance. Some of them are trustworthy, while others are a little off the grid, as far as writing a business dissertation proposal is concerned. Continue reading

How to Write a Graduate Dissertation

A graduate dissertation is the logical coronation of your course in educational establishments and so, not to abase yourself, you will need to work hard on your graduate dissertation. It must become the best paper among all those of your group mates, your tutor should be completely satisfied with it and let you graduate with honors. To make composing the graduate dissertation the decent culmination of your academic career, you need to set appropriate and realistic goals. First of all, stay calm and divide the entire work into several parts to deal with them in turn. These semi-deadlines will help you to get yourself organized and disciplined; stick to your own schedule and the writing process will flow smoothly. So, select the topic, discuss all the pros and cons with your professor and define the time-frame for the dissertation composing process. Gather the material and sources on which to base your dissertation, surf the internet for additional updating of information related to your subject and indicate the exact extracts that may be of any usefulness for your paper. Compose the dissertation in stages and ask for the professor’s feedback on each of the parts. Continue reading

How to Write a Master’s Dissertation Proposal

What is a Master’s Dissertation Proposal?
A master’s dissertation proposal is your road map for reaching your goal of constructing your dissertation. It is an outline providing a foundation from which your final work piece will be based. A carefully prepared dissertation proposal results in a well-structured final dissertation.

Tips for Writing a Master’s Dissertation Proposal
It is important to note that if you do not have a well-prepared dissertation proposal, then your full dissertation will be lacking. Your proposal must be well-researched, well-written, and properly formatted, cited, and referenced. It must contain all the essential elements, as follows.

Elements of a Dissertation Proposal
The elements of a dissertation proposal are all important pieces to the puzzle, since the purpose of the proposal is showing the overall plan of your dissertation. Continue reading

How to Write a Dissertation in APA Format

Depending on the regulations accepted in your university, you will be required to write your dissertation in a certain citation format. Any kind of format highlight the appropriate layout for the paper as well as what sections you should include in your work; it is also a guideline for proper referencing and citing. To make the process of reviewing academic works easier, a university adopts only one particular formatting style.

APA format is the that was initially used by the American Psychological Organization and later adopted in studies other than Psychology. APA has a website where you can find guidelines to the formatting style and there is also much material that you can find about how to apply the style to your paper. It is important that you study closely this material, as proper formatting will help you gain more points to your dissertation.

The APA style is usually adopted by such disciplines (aside from) as Sociology, Linguistics, Criminology, Economics, Business and Nursing. Continue reading

Philosophy Dissertation Topics

The study of Philosophy is closely connected with all the other humanities. With this regard some of the topics might intersect with other fields of studies. This gives students some advantage in writing Philosophy dissertations.

However, it is worth mentioning that dissertation is not a simple essay where you can just share your opinion or analyze the article. Such a major paper involves deep study, grounded research and thorough analysis. If we consider that Philosophy is a wide subject and all of the main works take numbers of pages it becomes obvious that the range of topics to choose from is quite broad. It is pleasant to avoid trouble with selecting a topic for your dissertation since for most it is a challenge but keep in mind that there are no easy topics. It can seem that the one you have taken is quite simple but be sure the your professor will demand to disclose it from every possible perspective. Most of the topics for Philosophy dissertations are closely connected and sometimes even based on major works or tendencies of this field. Sometimes there may appear the illusive opinion that there is nothing more to write about in Philosophy, however it is very wrong. Continue reading