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How to Proofread a Dissertation

Before you submit your final dissertation to your university, you will want to both edit and proofread the document. For a dissertation level paper, another (qualified) person should help do the proofreading. Proofreading is checking for proper spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence assembly. Proofreading should also include the referencing (checking the accuracy or reliability and style) and fluent language usage. Your thesis, if written in English, should not contain writing locale differences (between the United Kingdom and United States, for example). Proofreading includes reading through passages for clarity and construction. Continue reading

How to Write a Good Business Dissertation

Writing a good Business dissertation requires information on current and historical business needs. Development of best practices, theoretical applications, human resources planning, and more are options for writing a business dissertation. When you write a good business dissertation, you will need to begin with some key points: What you want to examine, how it relates to today’s business needs, and how it can be implemented. Business dissertations can be of great assistance to any organization; therefore, you should approach organizations with requests for survey information from their company. In this way, you are able to conduct a thorough investigation of your Business topic and the organization is able to review needs that you may uncover during your research.

For instance, you may write a business dissertation to explain how to reorganize with support from the upper management staff. Organize your paper after developing the research that will support your decision. Your instructor may require that you get your research questions approved before developing information from surveys or other sources; however, you will still need to review current information and historical recommendations in order to develop solid research questions or a hypothesis. Continue reading

How to Write a Good MBA Dissertation

Want to write an awesome MBA dissertation and knock the socks off the committee? You can, you just have to plan and work diligently. Make a plan and stick to it! Most students struggle with finding time and energy to dedicate to the largest project they have ever completed in their life. It is literally hundreds of pages of research, hundreds of pages of MBA dissertation writing, and whatever number of revisions your advisor and committee ask for; however, it is not outside the reach of imagination. Hundreds of thousands of students complete MBA dissertations every single year, one of them can be you.

Plans need to be realistic, and most instructors prepare students to complete them within a year, or sometimes two. Set aside a few hours a week to read through research and make a few notes. These few hours add up fast and contribute to multiple pages. Do not feel like you are alone. If it does not make sense, have a friend or colleague read through it, or ask them to listen while you read it aloud. Continue reading

How to Write a Good Undergraduate Dissertation

Undergraduate dissertation is considered to be the first piece of individual work students are expected to present in order to earn their Bachelor’s or “B Tech” degree. It is also considered as a hard task as it is the first personal experience for each and every student to perform such kind of individual task during their academic carrier. But, panic and worries must not affect students as it is not the way to start an individual work. The main factor which matters is the planning. By the time the first draft of dissertation is completed, students can already feel that they have gathered a large amount of notes, scribbling and ideas and will understand that planning is the key. An effective planning, which should be a continuous process must intensify during the process of writing dissertation, and must not fade into the background. Continue reading