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How to Choose a Final Year Project Topic to Enjoy Writing and Impress Your Professor

They say that if you skillfully choose the topic for your assignment, half of the battle is already won. While everybody knows that it’s true, many students forget about the importance of the right subject. But we will explain it again and again so that you wouldn’t have any problems in the future because of a poor choice.

If your process of picking a topic is driven by criteria like your professor’s preferences, trends or the abundance of information about it on the Internet, your project is bound to fail. The most significant principle you have to be guided by is your interest. If you select the topic that is boring for you, there will be zero motivation and determination. But, if you, on the contrary, opt for a challenging subject that you are really curious about, you will be ready to invest time and efforts to produce a high-grade paper. However, it’s not always easy to spot that ultimate idea.

Here, in our article, we will tell you which steps to take to come up with a perfect final year project topic.

Actively Use Mind Mapping

First, draw a mind map of issues that spark your interest in general. Add 2-3 branches to each point so that you would have a really detailed picture. Then, create another mind map placing in the center the discipline or course you are developing a project for. Write down the smaller subtopics of the subject and similarly include 2-3 branches beside every point.

After you draw these mind maps, take some distance and try to determine whether any points interlace. If there are such issues, make a list of them and brainstorm the titles so that among the final versions you could choose the best one for your topic.

Scan Your Course Notes

Usually, when you listen to your professor giving a lecture, you write down either important notes or points that have stirred your interest. Flick through the pages of your notebook and consider the topics you have there.

Check out the News on Your Subject

You can spot a really innovative and attractive topic by monitoring news connected with the subject of your course. If it’s politics, there is no shortage of news portals that can help you with it. If it’s biology, keep an eye on research platforms where the most recent papers are published, and so on.

Record All the Ideas

There is no good or bad idea when you brainstorm a topic for a project. If it comes right before you fall asleep, don’t be lazy to get up and write it down. If some new concept in your mind seems crazy to you, still note it down because eventually it can be entangled in your final topic to add some spice.

Don’t be afraid to give a go to every idea that appears in your head whether it concerns the process of brainstorming or the topic choice itself. Everybody has his/her own method of idea search, as do you. The secret is in starting doing at least something instead of just thinking about it.

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