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Why Thesis Essay Outline Online Tools Are Just a Waste of Time

Thesis Essay OutlineEvery time a student needs to write a good thesis essay outline, he/she is looking for reliable online tools that could help. And outline tool is a kind of a general plan that creates the foundation and structure of a rather big work. They say it is a very useful tool: ideas in our brain are multiple and pretty chaotic. They need a great deal of organization, don’t you agree? And a thesis essay outline online tool could be useful… Or not?

Well, an outline is a quite solid tool for writing a serious research paper, speech, presentation or even a book. It also helps to organize all thoughts into patterns that are easy to edit and tweak before they become of a needed form and appear as the final product. Students share various outlining tools they like (Microsoft OneNote, OmniOutliner, Microsoft Word, Org-Mode, FreeMind, etc.) But is there anything helpful about such tools?

Thesis Essay Outline Tools Are a Waste of Time: 6 WHYs

The rules are basic.

This is the reality. They are basic for all thesis papers. Peculiar demands differ from university, to university and you just need to learn them yourself. No online service or instruction will provide any genuine ones.

No difference between paper types. Are you writing a technical paper or the one in humanities? A decent student knows there’s a huge difference in approaches, but most online tools make no difference offering pretty much the same for any subject.

Wrong formatting. A great part of such tools aren’t updated to the latest Windows version and do not comply with iOS. When a user opens one on his/her PC after an online construction, much of formatting is lost. And this is when you waste even more time to figure out what exactly wasn’t formatted.

No fancy-looking tools. iOS and MS Word versions have many useful in-built tools. However, some users agree to the idea that these tools are not really good looking. Well, that’s the matter of taste. As long as they are helpful, they may be of any sort.

No brainstorming. Such tools and apps throttle spontaneity and creativity. Even if you manage to find a really good outliner, you won’t demote and promote ideas that easily. The app will fail in being an effective brainstorming tool.

New features you don’t need. Many modernized versions have new features like navigating own outline by section, pulling data from PC and other applications, taking voices and so on. But in reality, when you don’t really need them, they become a waste of time, and you just start thinking of coming back to an old-fashioned ‘pen and paper’ style.

Well, if you like outlining your ideas and thoughts before getting to writing, you could use the tools. But just don’t entrust them all of the creativity as they often fail, you know. And, eventually, your entire work might appear to be just a waste of time.

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