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Tag Archives: writing a phd dissertation

How to Choose a PhD Dissertation Topic

Choosing a dissertation topic is a very challenging task and should be done with great care.

Remember when selecting the topic that you will spend a tremendous time researching and studying it. Therefore, you should choose something that truly interests you. Otherwise, your dissertation may seem to go on forever, and you may have trouble making yourself complete it.

You should also keep in mind that once you have completed the study, you will be considered an expert on that topic. For that reason, you should select a topic that will help you to reach your career goals. You must also determine if your study focus adds anything interesting or significant to that field of study. One final concern is whether your study is doable in reference to time, sources, and cost. These are a couple of reasons why dissertation students take a considerable amount of time in deciding on a research area and developing their research questions. Continue reading

How to Write a Ph.D. dissertation

Many times people consider a Ph.D. dissertation a nightmare and some of them suffer some sleepless night too. In this article we will demonstrate that writing a Ph.D. dissertation is not a nightmare but, on the contrary can have many benefits. Not only a person acquires experience in a particular field of research, but acquires “Dr” before his name too; which is a great respect in itself.

The explanation of how to write a good PhD dissertation is divided into a step-by-step algorithm. There are some tips and guided instructions which, if followed can bring good results in return. The first step is Introduction.

Ph.D. dissertations are commonly considered as the original research performed by students as a requirement for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. In reality, the Ph.D. dissertation is usually a number of different chapters whose most important feature is not the thoroughness of the research done but the width of the margins.  Continue reading