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Tag Archives: The Holocaust dissertation example

Dissertation on The Holocaust

This is an extract from dissertation on the Holocaust:
All my life I have always been intrigued with Hitler and the Holocaust and how someone could rise to have that much power over millions of people. There are so many things we don’t know or maybe understand about the Holocaust, but it is a big part of history that many people choose to ignore it. Here is a little insight on some real events about what happened.

When Adolf Hitler was growing up, he said he wanted to be in some kind of military office and have people listen to what he had to say. On January 5, 1919, Hitler joined the German Worker’s Party. Only after a couple months Hitler was the head of the German party. He then changed the name to National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NASDP/Nazi). By 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and outlawed all political parties other than the Nazi Party. By outlawing other political parties, Hitler gained almost full control over Germany and its people. The only thing Hitler really needed was power, and then he could begin killing off the Jewish people. The more control he had, the more people would listen. This was ideal for Hitler, but horrible for the Jews. Continue reading