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Tag Archives: science dissertations

Biomagnification Dissertation

This is an extract from dissertation on Biomagnification:
Every year millions of people get cancer and it’s a major problem in the United States that many people do not like to think about because of how it could impact their lives! Some of these cancers can be linked to a process known as biomagnification, or biological magnification. Biomagnification is a result of bioaccumulation and they are related, yet very different (McGrath 78). These two terms, biomagnification and bioaccumulation, are processes that are causing more damage to the environment than most people think. There are many pollutants that affect these processes and they are commonly dumped into waterways or released into the air. Some of these common pollutants are DDT, PCBs, Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), lead, and mercury. These pollutants are catastrophic for Mother Nature, as well as humans. Biomagnification is a serious dilemma for life on Earth because it only takes a few pollutants to eventually concentrate to very high levels of toxicity in animals, including humans, after they have consumed lower-level organisms that have been previously contaminated with harmful pollutants. Continue reading

Dissertation on Environment

This is a dissertation chapter on Australian Environment:

Environmental impact is clearly evident in Australia. By using the concept of an ecosystem, the term environment is defined as being composed of six interconnected areas. Although Aboriginals modified their landscape, particularly through their use of fire, the impacts they made did not substantially damage the environment. In contrast, the white settlers quite deliberately set out to tame, civilize, and exploit the land. The native flora was affected by clearing, grazing, and introduction of foreign plants. Likewise, the fauna has had serious competition from introduced animals. Over half of Australia’s wetlands have been destroyed in various ways, and our seas also fail to escape human impact. The land itself suffers from erosion, salinity, and desertification, as well as considerable change in the terrain. Industrial centres and the nation’s cars affect the atmosphere. Each of these issues are closely inter-related. The seriousness of the impacts of 207 years of white settlement make it clear that the supporting ideologies are no longer sustainable. Continue reading

Dissertation in Science

This is a dissertation chapter in Science:

As history is remembered, there is a great deal riding on the turn of the twentieth century. Understandably the turn into this new era came to be known as the century of science and for no better reason than the latest growth in our technological advancements. Along with this came a new scientific detection, uncovering and devoting the change in technology to the deterring of crime and the capturing of criminals. This true systematic footing gave way to a new approach in crime identification and the results that followed shocked the world, as the birth of forensic science came about.

Advancements in forensic science are constantly developing through the application of evidence and the growth of technology. The factual scientific evidence that is gathered at each crime scene must be understood as solid evidence, given that a suspect can be granted freedom or confinement because of the applied techniques used for or against his case. Continue reading