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Tag Archives: sample dissertation

Sample Dissertation Introduction

Sample Dissertation IntroductionThe introduction is a preliminary part of a book, musical composition, or the like. It gives the overall information on the subject matter under the discussion either in chronology or at the definite moment of time. In other words, this is the invitation into the issue that will be analyzed thoroughly further in the paper. Hence, the introduction part of the dissertation is a leading up to its main part.

The sample dissertation introduction below offers the example of this type of paper on the matter of the resource conservation. Continue reading

Biomagnification Dissertation

This is an extract from dissertation on Biomagnification:
Every year millions of people get cancer and it’s a major problem in the United States that many people do not like to think about because of how it could impact their lives! Some of these cancers can be linked to a process known as biomagnification, or biological magnification. Biomagnification is a result of bioaccumulation and they are related, yet very different (McGrath 78). These two terms, biomagnification and bioaccumulation, are processes that are causing more damage to the environment than most people think. There are many pollutants that affect these processes and they are commonly dumped into waterways or released into the air. Some of these common pollutants are DDT, PCBs, Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), lead, and mercury. These pollutants are catastrophic for Mother Nature, as well as humans. Biomagnification is a serious dilemma for life on Earth because it only takes a few pollutants to eventually concentrate to very high levels of toxicity in animals, including humans, after they have consumed lower-level organisms that have been previously contaminated with harmful pollutants. Continue reading

American Dream Dissertation

This is an extract from dissertation on American Dream:
In the past fifty years, many people have sought out the American Dream. Many changes had to take place in our society for some people to reach this. The dream has been affected and changed throughout the years, but still not all can achieve it to this day, though it may be easier. It has been an adventure and somewhat of a struggle, but it still seems that some people were not quite able to reach the American Dream.

The typical American dream is to own a nice house, at least one car, a job to support a family, and security. Not many people in the early days could achieve this dream for various reasons. For example, by the 1970’s, all working women combined earned only 60% of the males salary and only 12% of women in the 1950’s had jobs. Therefore, not everyone could live the American Dream. Continue reading

Dissertation on 3G

This is a sample dissertation chapter on 3G:
Every century has it own leading industry in the society to represent the success of human beings and the improvement of living standard. With the improvement of technology, it has placed as a significant aspect in the business development for many years. Recently, there is a emergent 3G spectrum for mobile phone industry rollout in the market which greatly draws the attention to the entrepreneurs. By investigating how 3G technology involved in societies and daily life, it is clear that future businesses would appear in a different picture. When the technology is widely established in the future, there will be new ways of business operation and new approach of defining business. “Mobile” phone would not only be a calling device using wirelessly, it is predictable that people will be entering into an era of truly “mobile” in all sort of products and services. It is the time for entrepreneurs to expand and shape what definition of business will be in the future. Continue reading

Dissertation on Intelligence

This is an example dissertation chapter on Intelligence:
Intelligence is a word that describes the ability of an individual to perform desired tasks well. Over the years many people have come up with their own idea of what intelligence is, based on what they feel is important. It has been a trend in the past for people to think that intelligence is correlated to academic achievement. That is, the ability to perform well at linguistics, mathematics, logics and other school-based forms of intelligence as discussed in class.

Recently there has been a switch to try to include a wider range of things in the definition of intelligence, such as problem solving skills, abstract reasoning, adaptability to the environment, mental processing speed, creativity, motivation, goal-directed behavior, sensory acuity, and the ability to acquire knowledge as well as many other things as discussed in class. People have begun to believe that intelligence takes different forms depending on the requirements of the environment and the culture that you live and are raised in as discussed in class. As a result it has been difficult to develop a clear-cut definition of intelligence that will suit everyone’s beliefs. Continue reading

Dissertation on Gangs

This is a sample dissertation chapter (example) on Asian Gangs:
All throughout the cities of America the urban population has experienced gang activity and gang violence. This is nothing new. The existence of street gangs in this country has existed for many generations. Gangs have been around since the 1950s and early 1960s. Gangs are a loosely organized group of three or more people who interact together for a common purpose and usually participate in some kind of illegal activity, whether it be violent crimes or drug dealing or both. In the United States in the past years it has been African-American gangs that seem to get much of the media attention. Gangs like the Crips and the Bloods get much notice and are often glorified in rap songs. Hispanic gangs also get a large amount of publicity. The movie “Colors” with Robert Duval and Sean Penn was a big hit in the 80’s. However, in the past years the prevalence of Asian gangs has increased (Kodluboy, 1996). Communities and law enforcement as well as most parents would obviously like to see an end to gangs and illegal gang activities. However in order to do that many things need to be understood. Mainly why do youths join gangs? How do they recruit new members and from where? Also, what activities or crimes do they participate in? The answers to these questions differ for different ethnic gangs. Therefore, the methods used to stop gang proliferation will more than likely differ depending on whether the gang is Asian, Hispanic, White or African-American. This dissertation will address some of the reasons for the existence of Asian gangs as well as contrast some of the many differences between Asian and other ethnic gangs. Continue reading

Dissertation on Marriage

This is an extract from dissertation on marriage:
One might ask themselves what the conditions of a good marriage are. The answer to this question depends on whether the person is looking at it from a secular or religious perspective. Those looking at it from the secular view would say that a good marriage is made up of love, trust, honesty, understanding, etc. but from the religious perspective there is an added element. This element is faith, whether it is put in God, Allah, Buddha or another deity. But it can be said that both the religious and secular views have something in common when it comes to the conditions of a good marriage: they believe that marriage is a commitment between two individuals in an intimate relationship who promise to care for each others human needs. Continue reading

Dissertation on Economics

This is a dissertation chapter on Economics:

Over the last three decades the profession of forensic economics has experienced rapid growth, and an expansion into all areas of civil torts and public law. A forensic economist is an economist who applies the general theories and methodologies of economics to the measurement of damages and/or proof of liability in litigation. In the past, the field of forensic economics has been viewed as a mere extension of other fields of economics such as labor economics and price theory. During the past two decades though, it has become a unique discipline, and in 1985 the National Association of Forensic Economics (NAFE) was founded. It now has over six hundred members in all fifty states, and six common law countries. Continue reading