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Writing a Layout of a Research Paper Wrong Side Foremost

It is extremely difficult to concentrate on any task for a long time nowadays. There are distractions on each corner, and the assignments are not getting any easier (or less numerous).

That’s why you come across so many productivity techniques, apps helping to focus, writing tactics, etc. All these assistive resources are primarily designed to make you more prolific. But its consequential function is to at least spark your interest in trying something new, and, thus, engage you in finally doing your homework. To tell the truth, this second function works much better.

A reverse layout of a research paper is one of those techniques that assists you in academic writing when nothing else can force you to sit down to complete the task. Usual outlining is, by all means, great and effective, but it doesn’t always work. The backward layout implies that you first write a rough draft of the paper, and only then sketch the outline relying on what comes out of your “free writing”. It has certain benefits which we’re going to discuss in detail. Continue reading

Solid Facts about Vaccination for a Coherent Autism Research Paper

Autism Research PaperThe myth that vaccines are somehow associated with autism is mostly widespread in western countries. It began n in 1998 with the publication of the notorious article in The Lancet. Andrew Wakefield suggested that a rubella vaccine (MMR) may be associated with autism. But Wakefield hid that he had his own interests to raise this myth. In particular, he himself applied for a patent for a measles vaccine.

Subsequently, more than 10 studies have been carried out that have proven that Andrew Wakefield falsified facts. The Lancet denied the publication to be even done. The doctor’s deed was classified as a violation of professional ethics, and in 2010 he was expelled from the UK medical record. Continue reading