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Research Proposal on Poverty

When does poverty become part of the culture? The culture of poverty’s formal development is attributed to Oscar Lewis; he created a thesis to explain this question. He seeks to understand poverty as a culture, with its own structure and rationale, more as a way of life passed down from generation to generation along family lines. The culture of poverty is a feature of highly stratified, competitive systems. This economic system tends to have high rates of unemployment and low wages for the “unskilled” jobs with high turn over rates. The theory maintains that culturally based attitudes or predisposition such as “present-mindedness” is the major barrier to economic mobility for many of the poor. Continue reading

Poverty Dissertation

This is a dissertation chapter on Poverty:

“When we touch the sick and the needy, we touch the suffering body of Christ.” In the World we live in today, many things go unnoticed that really should be focussed on to a greater degree. The history of Jesus Christ proves to Christians around the World that life in his time was much less complicated and people spent their time doing things for others rather than concentrating on themselves. Contrary to that time, today in Twenty First Century society, high tech advancements and technology have become the focus of most of the population and many people have forgotten the importance of lending a hand to someone who needs it. During Jesus’ time, the people had very little, yet they were able to help each other out better than citizen’s today seem to. One might believe that because of the booming technological advancements and economy today, the needy people would be receiving more help during this era, but sadly this is not the case. Yes, there is some aid to families of the Third World, but how much of that are the governments issuing? If the governments are issuing funding, how much is actually going to the direct necessities of the poor families, needs such as clean water, and shelter? There are many issues that revolve around poverty, specifically Third World poverty, but it is in analyzing these issues that will help lead to solving some of the problems – one step at a time. These many issues range from understanding what Third World poverty and absolute poverty is, where it occurs, what causes it, the stereotypes of the poor people and how the Third World helps out the First World. Continue reading