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Tag Archives: masters degree help

Top 23 Cheap Master’s Degrees in the Most Costly States

Cheap Master's DegreesGetting a Master’s degree can be a very wise choice. It can easily advance your career and make you an expert in the field of your studies.

It is one of the best ways to expand your knowledge, but this advanced degree is not free, nor it usually comes at a cheap price. It can be hard to find a program you can afford, especially in the expensive states. So, we have done the work and research for you!

California and New York are known as the two most expensive states, along with others like Texas, Florida, Hawaii. Here some cheap master’s degrees in some of the most costly states.


California is a beautiful state with excellent weather in the south, but it can be very pricy! California has a system of public universities in many different locations that make it affordable to pursue a master’s degree. Continue reading

5 Ways to Get a Low Residency: Masters Programs that Do Not Mind Your Cash Status

Masters ProgramsLooking to study abroad? It’s a great opportunity and one that everyone should experience. The problem is that studying abroad, especially if you are seeking for a master’s degree, is out of reach for most because of finances.

The good news is that there is a solution! Don’t automatically discount yourself from being eligible to study abroad, or even continue your education in general. One option to lower your costs is to get a low residency master’s program.

There are many low residency master’s programs available, which will lower your overall wastes. Continue reading

12 Essential Steps to Write a Thesis: Master’s Degree is Close

Master's Degree ThesisIf you’re reading this article, then most likely that you’re almost done with your master’s degree. Congrats for being in the home stretch!

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of work involved to finish off what you’ve started. No worries though! We’ve covered some awesome tips on how to go about writing your thesis for your dissertation. Check them out.

1. Choose Your Topic

You have a field of study, but for your thesis you’ll need to get rather narrow. Brainstorm what topics you are interested in. Continue reading

7 Top US Universities to Get Masters Degree in Nursing If You Are an International Student

Masters Degree in NursingNursing in the United States of America? The questions is – why? Can you justify it? It’s much easier to get your master’s degree in nursing in your native country, thus if you’re considering studying to get it in the US, you’ve got to have a good reason. And, if you’re looking for that reason, then look no further. Here is a list of the top seven nursing schools for international students in America and the aspects that make them so attractive.

1. University of Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for the best of the best nursing education, there is no better than the University of Pennsylvania. The 2015-2016 US News & World Report ranked them as the top nursing school in America, and it is open to students of all nations. Whether you need advising on travel information or obtaining a visa, they have the services designed to help you along your way. Continue reading

How to Use You Master’s Degree in English to the Fullest

Masters Degree in EnglishMany think that when you get a masters degree in English, your only job option is to teach English at a school or college; however, this is far from the truth. Teaching jobs are very stereotypical for English majors, but there are a variety of jobs which require English expertise. If you don’t feel like teaching is your call, you’re in luck. There are many careers that you can pursue with an English degree, and we’re going to tell you about some of them. Strap up, and let’s take a look at how an English diploma can be used in the real world. Continue reading

What to Expect from a Master’s Degree in Economics

Masters Degree in EconomicsA lot of students go to attain their masters degree in economics but become disappointed or overwhelmed with the abundance of information out there. If you plan on living in a small city, it can be hard to find a job that relates to your degree. Also, there are many subcategories of masters degrees you can get – development economics, financial economics, economic history, etc. This can make it hard to choose the one which will be the most efficient for the area you plan on living in. For this reason, it’s important to be prepared and know exactly what to expect when you pursue your master’s degree in economics. Continue reading

4 Factors to Take into Account While Choosing Your Master’s Degree Program

Choosing Your Masters Degree ProgramSo, you’ve completed your bachelor’s degree and are thinking about attempting a master’s. This is a decision that is all too important, because the masters degree program you choose determines your future. It can be something that spurs change and progression in your life or can be a complete waste of time. You don’t want to look back on your life thinking you lost two years trying to grasp something that resulted in no outcome. For this reason, I would advise you consider a few factors before you make the leap to join a program. Here they are: Continue reading

5 Opportunities to Obtain Masters in Social Work Online

If you’re thinking about getting a master’s degree in social work, you should consider getting your degree online. Why? Well, there are tons of advantages that will make your life easier and make you stress less. For example, you can save money, have more flexibility in your life, and gain the same benefits you would get from getting an on-campus education. If you’ve never considered it, you might be missing out.

Here are 5 opportunities when you have to pursue your master’s degree in social work online: Continue reading