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Tag Archives: law dissertation

Recent Loud and Important Cases You Can Address in Your Law Dissertation Proposal

Writing a law dissertation proposal is one hell of a task. You practically need to persuade your professor or advisor that your topic is suitable for the paper and, moreover, researchable. You also must show why it is important to explore this issue (while you still don’t understand that yourself) and how exactly it is significant for the whole field of studies.

It’s a really difficult task, but there is a little trick with the law discipline that you can use to make your writing more persuasive – support your words, theories, goals, etc. with real-life examples, i.e., law cases. It is very easy to find them on the Internet and interlace them with your topic.

What is more, remember that the precedent law is valid in the USA. It means that if you build a theory that doesn’t go within the common law but there is a precedent of a court decision that goes against it, you can make liberal use of that case to add more weight to your words.

With that all said we’re present you the list of recent loud cases that can improve your legal writing. Continue reading

How to Write a Good Law Dissertation

You are almost there, congratulations, all you have left to do is a MAJOR test and a good Law dissertation. Maybe you are concerned that you haven’t given yourself enough time to study and to accomplish this great piece of literature that will define your education; however, there is no reason to start letting things drag you down. Sit down in front of your computer monitor, load up the MS Word program, and start very simple, with the cover page of your Law dissertation. Example cover pages can most often be found at templates in your college resource pages, whether online or through your college library. These templates will also enable you to gather the type of format you need and the suggested chapters that your school prefers to have in dissertations. If you cannot find this resource, check with your instructor or your committee to find out if this is provided or if they would like you to follow formats found in other law dissertations (also available through your college library).

Now that you have a template, a set of rules to guide you through the paper, you will have to decide what you want to write about in a good Law dissertation. Most colleges and universities leave the topic completely up to the students, so long as it follows general guidelines. In this case, you will do best to consider successful papers you have completed for courses already. Continue reading