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Tag Archives: engineering thesis topics

20 Software Engineering Thesis Topics to Present the Career Specifications to the Fullest

Software Engineering Thesis TopicsAdvances in digital technology have drastically altered the landscape of everyday life. Computers and the information technologies that use them currently double their capacity every twelve to eighteen months. A large majority of the world’s population carries access to information in their pockets which previously was housed in room-sized supercomputers or in multilevel buildings. Due to the exponential nature of technological advances, some experts predict that in less than thirty years, the mankind will achieve “The Singularity”, the time when all forms of technological advancement will be so advanced, rapid, and profound that it is impossible for humans to currently understand what life will be like. Continue reading

Engineering Thesis

This is an extract from Engineering thesis:

The evolution of engineering education is influenced by many factors. While the accreditation process has been the most significant change agent in recent years in the United States, it is by no means the only one. New engineering methods, changing patterns of employment, new kinds of employers, the restructuring of industry, and globalization all have had an impact on how engineering education is structured and delivered. This paper describes some of the ways in which the education process is being modified in response.

Engineering colleges in the United States, as elsewhere in the world, are subject to many forces, both external and internal. Over the course of many years, these forces ebb and flow and there are periods of stability and periods of relatively rapid change. It is the opinion of this author that due to the number of factors, US engineering education is embarking on a period of activity that will result in some significant modifications to the way instruction is delivered as well as in some of the details of the curriculum. Continue reading