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Tag Archives: dissertation proposal writing

Recent Loud and Important Cases You Can Address in Your Law Dissertation Proposal

Writing a law dissertation proposal is one hell of a task. You practically need to persuade your professor or advisor that your topic is suitable for the paper and, moreover, researchable. You also must show why it is important to explore this issue (while you still don’t understand that yourself) and how exactly it is significant for the whole field of studies.

It’s a really difficult task, but there is a little trick with the law discipline that you can use to make your writing more persuasive – support your words, theories, goals, etc. with real-life examples, i.e., law cases. It is very easy to find them on the Internet and interlace them with your topic.

What is more, remember that the precedent law is valid in the USA. It means that if you build a theory that doesn’t go within the common law but there is a precedent of a court decision that goes against it, you can make liberal use of that case to add more weight to your words.

With that all said we’re present you the list of recent loud cases that can improve your legal writing. Continue reading

How to Write a Ph.D. Dissertation Proposal

The aim and purpose of a PhD dissertation proposal is to present your topic and idea of your future dissertation to be accepted by the professor or a board. Therefore it serves as a lead in for the actual dissertation. In your proposal you should clearly highlight the thesis statement and bring forward the main points that will be further more discussed in the complete dissertation. The PhD dissertation proposal can be written for various subjects and demands a respective level of experience in a particular field. It is obvious that to complete a great dissertation you need to write a PhD dissertation proposal first. Here are some basic tips and guidelines on how to write a PhD dissertation proposal. Continue reading

How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

Ph.D. students know that the completion of a dissertation is an uphill task. Master’s, MBA and undergraduate students may have had a taste of it when doing their thesis proposals. The task need not be that difficult at the doctorate level. This article will help you prepare a well thought out and planned proposal. We offer useful guidelines on effective dissertation proposal writing.

How to do a good proposal for dissertation involves:

  • choose up-to-date problem or topic that is of interest;
  • be specific and up-to-the-point;
  • outline the objectives of your study. Continue reading