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Typical Mistakes in Dissertation Writing

How to avoid typical mistakes in dissertation writing starts with understanding how dissertation writing is important to your degree program. Dissertations are designed to demonstrate your knowledge in your field; however, they are also designed to demonstrate your ability to gather knowledge when needed and to develop research that can be used to further your particular field. For example, a degree program in education may evaluate the use of different educational strategies in school environments or a marketing degree dissertation may evaluate the effectiveness of brand marketing from a specific organization. No matter what your degree is in, the goal will be to develop evidence that you are capable of critical thinking, research, and applying the knowledge you have gained during your education. Continue reading

Typical Mistakes in Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing can be complicated and frustrating, formatting mistakes, grammar errors, and misplaced in-text citations. However, if you develop a clear schedule for writing a dissertation you can usually fend off some of the more typical mistakes made. Some dissertation tips include – keep a page for references as a work in progress file that you can refer back to, separate from your paper. As dissertation-writing guide, read other dissertations from peer resources, see how they developed their information. Use a guide or outline as a dissertation helpers.

Dissertation writing mistakes are common, specifically with proper formatting and citations. Formatting mistakes include font, size, and placement of titles, be sure to check with your instructor/advisor for which format is preferred, and use a dissertation-writing guide for that format. Continue reading