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Tag Archives: Dissertation Help

The Rituals of the Dissertation Defense

When a person is completing his/her Doctorate, Masters, or any other higher level degree, he/she has to write a dissertation. Once the dissertation has been accepted by the supervisor, he/she has to go in front of a thesis committee in order to defend the dissertation. Defending a dissertation involves providing evidence and reason for the consideration of your thesis. This evidence depends on the type of dissertation being selected. The process includes oral exam during which the student is asked questions related to his dissertation and if the committee is satisfied with his answers, then the student passes his defense and confirms the degree. Continue reading

How to Write a Dissertation Literature Review

Useful tips on how to write a good literature review in dissertation:
More often than not, students will ask their lecturers and peers how to write a dissertation literature review. This question normally comes up especially when one has already written an introduction or the first dissertation chapter for their Ph.D., Master’s, or Undergraduate assignments. This is also normally the case when one has to write a great thesis. There are quite a number of tips and guidelines that you may be given when you seek assistance to overcome this problem. Some of the best guidelines on how to prepare your literature review are as described below.

The core aim of writing a literature review is to present facts that have previously been established through research. You will not like to reinvent the wheel and contribute nothing to the world. In other words, it is in this section that you present the facts that you have obtained from other literature. To avoid reinventing the wheel, Continue reading

How to Write a Dissertation Discussion

Follow the tips on how to write a good dissertation discussion:
No doubt you wish to know how to write a dissertation discussion. The discussion section is one of the most important parts of any dissertation. A great dissertation discussion should give defense to your thesis. A dissertation discussion should only highlight your approach. Before writing a dissertation discussion it’s quite important that you prepare for your discussion. Most people consider this the hardest part of the process. Writing the best dissertation discussion requires you to have critical guidelines and tips. Support every statement in the discussion with scientific literature or reference. Also, remember to make analyses and highlight any shortcomings of the study during dissertation discussion writing.

In order to get the idea of how to do a dissertation discussion, you may need to do some practice. It is important not to repeat any details of analytical thinking but refer the reader to the source always. Ensure that each and every chapter in the dissertation discussion is grammatically correct. Continue reading

How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion

Essential steps on how to write a good dissertation conclusion:
Are you a PhD, Masters or Undergraduate student who is experiencing problems on how to write a dissertation conclusion? Today is an end to your problem as all you have to do is visit our website. We offer tips and guidelines on how to write a dissertation conclusion that will make your thesis the best. Before starting to write the research conclusion, you should understand the purpose of the conclusion, which is to show whether or not the research project has achieved its objectives. You should also know where to place the conclusion, and this is before the appendices and the bibliography. The conclusion can be used to make recommendations for future study in certain cases as you may realize. Continue reading

Typical Mistakes in Dissertation Writing

How to avoid typical mistakes in dissertation writing starts with understanding how dissertation writing is important to your degree program. Dissertations are designed to demonstrate your knowledge in your field; however, they are also designed to demonstrate your ability to gather knowledge when needed and to develop research that can be used to further your particular field. For example, a degree program in education may evaluate the use of different educational strategies in school environments or a marketing degree dissertation may evaluate the effectiveness of brand marketing from a specific organization. No matter what your degree is in, the goal will be to develop evidence that you are capable of critical thinking, research, and applying the knowledge you have gained during your education. Continue reading

Dissertation Structure

Dissertation structures vary between colleges. Some colleges require strict APA or MLA formatting for dissertations, while other colleges focus on developing dissertations in other formats based on the needs of the college. A common change found between APA formatted dissertations is the changes in margins or changes in bulk quote formatting. The structure of your dissertation is important to the successful completion of the project because you can drop entire letter grades for incorrect formatting of a dissertation – or worse, in colleges where there is only pass or fail for a dissertation – your dissertation could be denied if the structure is incorrect.

Dissertation structure most often refers to how the pages are setup and which formatting styles you will use inside the paper. Remember, there is a format, if your school requires bold printed titles for chapters; this is the way your paper must appear. Continue reading