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Dissertation on Comparative Religion

This is extract from dissertation on comparative religion:

From the time when they began, religions and the differences between religions have provoked a majority of all of the conflicts that have occurred throughout history. Since 1095, when the Crusades began, until today a clash between Christianity and Islam has existed (Curry 38). And, both religions, at various points in their histories, have harbored prejudices against Judaism. It is impossible to answer why man cannot live in peace with his fellow man but it is possible to discuss the similarities and differences between these two monotheistic religions and the Jewish origin that they share. Jesus was a devout Jew and lived a Jewish lifestyle, teaching Jewish concepts. Christianity, therefore, has Judaism imbedded in it. Mohammed was raised in a city that was predominately Jewish and Christian. He adopted both sacred texts, the old and new testaments, to develop Islam. Despite the inter-religious conflicts throughout history, Christianity and Islam, through the influence of Judaism on each one’s founders, were originally derived from Judaism. These two major religions are monotheistic, incorporate Jewish texts and ideas into their own teachings, and otherwise have few fundamental differences from Judaism; they are both simply variations of it. Continue reading