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Tag Archives: business dissertation

Items That Make Business Dissertations Differ from the Others

How to Make a Business DissertationAs a college student, you will write about many different topics. These papers and dissertations will have their own unique formats depending on the assignment. Specifically, business dissertations are different from other types of dissertations.

It’s important to know the differences so that you can write your dissertations properly. If not, you may not meet the requirements of your assignment and may end up with some extra work to do or receive a poor grade.

There is a number of differences to be aware of, so let’s take a look at them! Continue reading

Business Dissertation Topics

Help with Business dissertation topics:
According to the words of the experienced members of academic community a good proposal is halfway to dissertation’s success. It is true considering that a great proposal cannot be written without a great topic and for a student writing a dissertation in Business perfect topic is simply everything. Business represents a specific discipline of studies where it is barely possible to create a topic to your liking that would require only theoretical material with no practical application. Maybe that would work for a Literature Review chapter. As for the whole dissertation it involves research and case study which makes it aim at putting students knowledge to test with practice. Most of the times the topics in Business are based on analyzing a particular company’s work, structure and other specific aspects.

There is also a chance that your topic will compare business trends in different parts of the country or of the world. In addition, such tasks like creating a business plan or building a fake company in a predetermined economic surrounding are today rather popular among students. All in all we come to a conclusion that unlike Philosophy, History, Linguistics, etc. Business is more about practice and is closely connected to the ongoing events in a contemporary business world. Nevertheless, even choosing the company to write about students need to remember that the key thing is the analysis of the main trends. Continue reading

Dissertation on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

This is an extract from dissertation on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR):
Soon after the advent of the Internet as a way of doing business we needed to come up with a way to settle disputes. This has become known as “Online Dispute Resolution” (ODR). ODR is a form of Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR). Both ODR and ADR or used for resolution of disputes on a form other then the traditional means of the judicial processes (Federal, 2003). Much enthusiasm exists for ODR because of the apparent speed, flexibility and affordability relative to traditional litigation in the courts, plus their ability to alleviate pressure on an already overloaded court system.

There are many Advantages to ODR. The court system is a very expensive and very slow. That is why e- commence is turning to ODR to replace litigation. ADR is cheaper, faster and more predictable than litigation. Instead of both sides paying for armies of lawyers, a single mediator or arbitrator can be used. This is one of the reasons ODR is extreme low cost because the high expensive lawyers are not needed. For a set low cost the natural ODR person will work with both parties to try to resolve the dispute (Onlineresolution). While there may be a dispute, a cost effective and confidential mechanism is much less likely to cause the animosity requisite to motivate parties to permanently terminate business relationships (Global, 2003). Some of the most common ways to handle ODR is though mediation, arbitration, Non-binding dispute resolution techniques (Federal, 2003) Continue reading

Dissertation on Human Resource Outsourcing

This is a chapter of dissertation on Human Resource Outsourcing:
In today global business environment, firms are facing the increasing of the competitiveness, new technology and corporate restructuring, such factors force firms to seek and sustain competitive advantages by emphasizing on profitability and productivity of each department. For this reason, today some firms embrace outsourcing concept through outsourcing all or part of HR functions could reduce cost and increase the effectiveness of HR department. Many surveys and academic researches were conducted in the past decade and shows that the use of HR outsourcing is growing and continuing to increase. More firms have started to outsource their HR functions for a variety of reasons. They believe that outsourcing could benefit to organisations such as reducing overhead costs, gaining expertise from outside agencies, minimizing the regular workload of HR staff and improving quality and efficiency of the organisation. Continue reading

Dissertation on Corporate Social Responsibility

This is a dissertation chapter example on Corporate Social Responsibility:
It has been said that companies have a corporate social responsibility, that is that they are “accountable for any of its actions that affect people, their communities and environment”. This extends to many areas, including but not exclusively to business ethics, the environment and the community well being. Companies hold the power to greatly affect those around them, in both positive and negative ways.

One example of this is Local Economic Development. This is when a company invests in an area with encouragement from the government, through local authorities (i.e. county council). If an area is in decline, facing issues such as high unemployment and its knock on effects, such as crime and deterioration, then the government employs the help of business organisations. The government has its own budget for regeneration, yet it is not normally enough on it’s own. Continue reading

How to Write a Good Business Dissertation

Writing a good Business dissertation requires information on current and historical business needs. Development of best practices, theoretical applications, human resources planning, and more are options for writing a business dissertation. When you write a good business dissertation, you will need to begin with some key points: What you want to examine, how it relates to today’s business needs, and how it can be implemented. Business dissertations can be of great assistance to any organization; therefore, you should approach organizations with requests for survey information from their company. In this way, you are able to conduct a thorough investigation of your Business topic and the organization is able to review needs that you may uncover during your research.

For instance, you may write a business dissertation to explain how to reorganize with support from the upper management staff. Organize your paper after developing the research that will support your decision. Your instructor may require that you get your research questions approved before developing information from surveys or other sources; however, you will still need to review current information and historical recommendations in order to develop solid research questions or a hypothesis. Continue reading