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Dissertation on Terrorism

This is a sample dissertation chapter on terrorism:
We are all unaware of one thing or another during one point in our lives. Like when we were toddlers, looking a pot of water, boiling over the stove. We are unaware the pot is extremely hot. Our curiosity takes over us. We are compelled to touch the unique bubbles coming from the pot. We touch it, and it hurts. It hurts a lot. What lesson did we learn here? Not to touch a boiling pot of water. How did we learn this? Through experimentation and, trial and error. By taking one step back, feeling the pain of burning skin, we take two steps forward, by being aware that the boiling pot is very hot and never touch it again. This scenario relates to the tragic occurrences endured by the world on September 11, 2001. Now, approximately one month later, military action is necessary to win the battle against terrorism and secure the lives of present and future citizens of the world. Military action will not only help prevent further incidents from occurring, but also aid the controversial government situation in Afghanistan and a save countless numbers of lives.

Is it justified that a government of ones own country is violating the most basic of human rights and freedom? Is it right that in the country of Afghanistan, women aren’t entitled to work, or even the freedom of education in their male dominant and sexist society? Is it justified to cut off the means of life; food, water and physical needs, to the thousands of suffering individuals dying of starvation, malnutrition and lack of shelter? All these atrocities and more have been committed by the ruling Taliban government. With events occurring from the mid 18 hundreds, up until the present day, the Afghan history conveys one of constant murder and fighting, corrupt governments and violations of human rights. For example, on September 27, 1996, the capture of the city of Kabul, after the Taliban militia forced President Rabbani and his government to abdicate. Another brutal example of actions taken by the unjust Taliban occurred in August of 1998. The Taliban militia captured Mazar-i-Shariff, and massacred thousands of innocent civilians of Hazaras ethnicity. Even these few acts contribute to the unprecedented welfare of terrorism and must be stopped. As President Bush stated, “Anyone country who harbors a terrorist, is just as bad as a terrorist itself.” The statement is one hundred percent valid and justifies the military campaign in Afghanistan. Even though the actions that occur within that country are internal, it still relates to terrorism in a vital role, economically and strategically. It is very apparent the military campaign, led by the US, is not only aiding the just cause of terrorism, but is also helping to straighten out an unjust and corrupt Taliban government.

After approximately one month since the tragic incidents occurring on September 11, our minds are beginning to deteriorate the cause of all the preceding events. Are we slowly forgetting the compassion that encompassed a whole nation? Have we forgotten the collapse of the two World Trade Center towers, or the entire west wing of the Pentagon being demolished by suicidal, terrorist planes? Even after the constant media coverage, did we solemnly forget the five thousand plus lives lost in those incidents, not including the many individuals that perished within these planes? Or are we in denial and attempting to believe that this is all a myth and media propaganda? The bottom line is, we have to look back upon the most recent past, reimburse our minds and realize why we are so opposed to terrorism. Yes, it is terrorism that we are combating, but we would not need to combat terrorism if precious, innocent lives did not perish. The fight for terrorism is the fight fort all the lives lost, to serve justice to everyone who has lost a family member or loved one, and try to never let anything like this ever happen again. We must not forget our past and preserve our world of freedom, trust and security. Not only for our generation, but for future generations. Like our children, our children’s children, and the many more to come. President Bush stated,” We have to draw a line. If we don’t start to fight terrorism now, it will just escalate and more innocent lives will be lost. We are beginning to draw up a blue print, a guide book on how to combat terrorism, so that way, future leader will have the knowledge and resources the will need to cary on this struggle for years to come.” Many people are very satisfied with this statement, have full assurance that the government is doing whatever possible to secure freedom and safety to the people of the world. The military campaign is justified. Peaceful negotiations were unsuccessful and military actions is now absolutely necessary to gain an upper hand in this struggle. Sometimes it is required to act with aggression to put an end to a group of people, such as terrorists. Look back to a parallel during world war II, when Nazi Germany, under the power of Hitler, almost conquered all of Europe. Had he accomplished that feat, the world would have been forever changed. Leaders of the world were passive with their actions towards Hitler, merely giving him a slap on the wrist for all his indecent actions. In turn, Hitler was able to commit several act of terror against millions of people (mostly Jewish people). It is a very positive sign that the leaders of the present day world are action so diligently. Political actions did not work, so military action was called for. The great countries of the world unite in a coalition to fight the cause of terrorism. Though we will most likely not be able to stop terrorism fully, the military campaign is just a small, yet significant stepping stone that will help prevent future terrorist acts from occurring and save the lives and the peoples sense of self-worth and security, that would have been lost in these future occurrences.

Terrorism has been the cause for thousands of innocent deaths and military action is the last result that is see fit. Children have lost their parents, friends and family have lost loved ones, and people in general are losing their sense of freedom and security. Drastic results have resulted from terrorism. 6 innocent lives were lost during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, 232 innocent lives during the US embassies bombings during August of 1998, 17 US sailors during the attack on the USS Cole on October 12, 2000, and the most tragic result of them all occurred on September 11, when terrorist attacks on the United States killed over 5000 plus innocent civilians.

Here are two different opinions taking from CBS news reporters:
Churchill: See it through to victory, because we can’t afford to leave bin Laden, the hero of the hour, the hero of Islam. He lays hands on Pakistan’s nuclear weapon, he lays hands on Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth and that will be a diabolical situation.

Bowden: Oh, I think so. I think that Osama bin Laden is one of those who took heart when the United States decided to withdraw immediately after those soldiers were killed. I think he believes, and I think he believes mistakenly, that the American public and the American leadership can be frightened into backing down. I just don’t think that’s going to happen in this case.

Both individuals have strong opinions against terrorism and support the US led military campaign in Afghanistan. Most importantly, they both realize that terrorism must be brought to an end before it escalates. Had the leaders of the world not take sufficient action, many more people would eventually lose their lives to acts of terror and the mindset of the world would be in fear and insecurity. If you think September 11th was bad, what do you think would occur had the Al Queda network grab hold of nuclear arms?

Justification of the military campaign in Afghanistan is very apparent here. We must draw a line towards the Stalin’s, Hitler’s, and most recently, the Bin Laden’s of the world. Look back upon the past, especially these few individuals and what the have accomplished. If we do not stop these people and the causes they are fighting for, who knows the damage that could be inflicted upon this world. By stopping aggression with aggression, everyone will benefit in the long run. In result, terrorism will be brought down to a minimal. The peoples sense of freedom, trust and security will be greater than before. Afghanistan will be in better shape. People residing in that country will obtain a greater standard of living without the unjust Taliban government. Most importantly, a great number of lives will have been saved from terrorist acts that would of occurred in the near future. We are moving one step back, to move two steps forward.


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