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How to Write a Good Research Proposal

While applying for a research degree, like the PhD, scholars come across writing a research proposal as a part of their application file. A PhD is awarded mainly as the result of one’s genuine contribution to the state of knowledge in a specific field of interest chosen. Even though it doesn’t earn the Nobel Prize for the scholars yet, getting the degree means that the scholar has added something to what has previously been known on the subject of research. It is a great honor.

What actually is a research proposal?

A research proposal is the frame of the idea which a scholar wishes to pursue. A good research proposal presumes that the scholar has devoted his time and descent efforts in gathering information about the field, reading and has organized his thoughts about it.

There is no particular format for research proposals because each and every research project is different. Different disciplines, organizations and academic institutions have different formats and requirements for their research projects.

The main requirement of a good research proposal is a good research question. It can be compared to a tree. If the tree has strong hold in the soil due to its deep and strong roots it can withstand furious winds. So, a good research paper requires a good analytical question which acts as strong roots.

There are some specific parts and tips which must be included in research proposal. Step by step following these tips can produce a high quality proposal:
* Statement of the question which will be answered in the paper must be clearly specified. It must be kept in mind that the main aim of the paper must be to explain something.
* Brief literature review in which the major works on the topic chosen and indication of the arguments. If a theory is applied to an issue, the theory used can be reviewed in this part. The main motive is to show an awareness of what has been written on the issue, evidence used, theories applied, and at the last what arguments were made?
* A statement should be included with will show argument/explanation which will be researched upon.
* There must be a statement which recites how explanation/argument of the scholar will differ from that which has been made by others previously and its originality must be proved.
* Brief outline of the parts of the paper must be presented, but it must be concise and to the point.
* A short bibliography about the major sources which the scholar is going to use in the research. Any necessary databases, websites, interviews, etc can be included.
* Special attention must be given on the volume of the research proposal; it must not be very long. 800-1000 words are enough for a good proposal. The more effort put into the proposal is directly proportional to the quality of the paper.
* Scholars must have a proposal prepared and submitted in time they were asked to do so. A late submission can lead to negative mark and a bad impression too.

Most students and beginners neither fully understand the research proposal, nor its importance. A good research proposal plays an important role in accomplishment of a good research so special attention must be given on it.  An ill-conceived proposal can devaluate the future of the project even if it somehow gets the approval from Supervisory committee. A high quality strongly presented proposal not only promises success for the research thesis, but also bring out and reflects your potential as a researcher in front of the committee.

The main target of this article was to get acquainted with the basic steps which must be followed in order to write an ideal research proposal. If you can’t decide how to present your proposal or need any assistance, MastersThesisWriting.com can provide you with a professional writer and advisor who will guide you throughout the process of your research.  So, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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