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Tips for Writing a Philosophy Dissertation Proposal

Before exploring the tips for writing a philosophy dissertation proposal one should know the main aim of writing this kind of paper. The goal of this kind of proposal, and indeed all other kinds of proposal, is to present the dissertation committee with a detailed outline of the intended dissertation projects together with a brief justification of the project and its contribution to the master’s degree that one is seeking. In order to satisfy the goals of the dissertation proposal paper in the best way, one should aim to write a concise, well composed document that clearly articulates the project and how it is related to philosophical literature. Even though dissertation projects are lengthy papers, the proposals are short given that they merely provide detailed outlines and most of them span between six to ten pages in length. When the examiner are looking for a good dissertation proposal, there are three main points that they use to judge just how good the proposal has been written ad these three areas are how clear and concise the selected thesis proposal is and how convincing the statements that explain how one intents to support the thesis statement.

The other factor that the dissertation committee is going to look for in your paper is how well researched is the essay’s statement that portrays the writer’s position in relation to the philosophical literature used and also how the views adopted with the writer connects with important areas of thought for philosophers. Finally, the examiners will be examining the outline of the proposal paper in relation to how one intends to structure the dissertation paper once it has been approved by the committee. The outline that one uses should therefore present a chapter by chapter account as the writer indicates how each of the chapters will be used to back up the main argument of the dissertation. The best way to follow if one wants to end up with an excellent dissertation proposal is to begin working on the proposal early enough and to regularly interact with the committee members regularly throughout the whole process of writing the proposal. During the interactions with the committee, one should seek advice for the proposal and also any feedback on the progress of the proposal stage by stage.

The instructor of the proposal is the individual who is responsible for confirming if the proposal that you have written is indeed ready for review. The committee members are also important because they are the ones that shall present the dissertation and defend it to the philosophy department. Therefore the more the constructive relationship that one has with the committee, the better the chances that one will write an excellent proposal.

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