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Recent Loud and Important Cases You Can Address in Your Law Dissertation Proposal

Writing a law dissertation proposal is one hell of a task. You practically need to persuade your professor or advisor that your topic is suitable for the paper and, moreover, researchable. You also must show why it is important to explore this issue (while you still don’t understand that yourself) and how exactly it is significant for the whole field of studies.

It’s a really difficult task, but there is a little trick with the law discipline that you can use to make your writing more persuasive – support your words, theories, goals, etc. with real-life examples, i.e., law cases. It is very easy to find them on the Internet and interlace them with your topic.

What is more, remember that the precedent law is valid in the USA. It means that if you build a theory that doesn’t go within the common law but there is a precedent of a court decision that goes against it, you can make liberal use of that case to add more weight to your words.

With that all said we’re present you the list of recent loud cases that can improve your legal writing.d

Employer Forces an Employee to Divorce

In 2016, there was the most controversial case ever within the employment law. The boss wanted a Christian woman, who worked as a teacher, to divorce a convicted sex offender. Since he couldn’t fire her because it would be perceived as a religious discrimination, he made her get divorced through EAT who supported the employer’s suggestion.

Procter & Gamble: the Crisps or Not the Crisps

Several years in a row the High court couldn’t decide whether Pringles are … crisps or not. It is an essential matter actually because there is a significant difference in tax amount if the status of Pringles is changed. In fact, it was changed in 2009 and after that Procter & Gamble had to pay £100 million of VAT taxes.

The Belmarsh Decision

In 2004 the House of Lords decided to detain a foreign person suspected of being involved in terrorism without a trial or charge. This decision was recognized as a discriminative act against human rights. But it still took place.

Snyder v. Phelps

In 2011, there was a funeral of Matthew Snyder who died in Iraq. During the funeral procession, the Westboro Baptist Church led by Fred Phelps organized a picket with placards that manifested against homosexuality (Albert Snyder, the father of the late soldier, is gay). Albert sued Fred Phelps together with the Baptist Church accusing them of emotional distress. The court decided that First Amendment is more important because it protects freedom of speech which can’t be used as the basis for legal punishment.

Use these famous legal cases to turn your law dissertation proposal into a convincing piece of text. The examples will make your writing more engaging and help your advisor perceive your claims more seriously. Just give them a try and see it for yourself!

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