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3 Basic Features of a Credible Methodology Chapter Dissertation

Methodology Chapter DissertationWhether a student is getting a university degree, the task to write a dissertation is inevitable for him or her. It is a critical part of a course, and according to a panel discussion held at the University of Edinburgh Business School, up to 33 % of the overall grade are determined by how well a dissertation is written. They also claim that a good dissertation can give students a head start in the job market.

Need to deal with a dissertation in the near future? It is worth to approach this assignment carefully not to miss something quite important. Remember your dissertation is supposed to be divided into several chapters, and one of the most important is the methodology.

Due to its technical nature, many students find the methodology section challenging. But now you have the chance to look at great tips for the methodology writing process.

1.  The Methodology Chapter – What is It?

Examiners want to find the answers to two main questions: 1) How was the data generated or collected; 2) How was the data analysed. In the methodology section you let them know what they want to know. It includes the steps taken to explore the research problem. The methodology should also describe the rationale behind the decision to use specific techniques or procedures used to analyse, process, select and identify information.

The separate chapter devoted to the methodology enables a reader to critically evaluate the overall reliability and validity of the study. Your methodology can be described as a step by step guide to another researcher how to reproduce the same study.

2.  The Most Effective Research Methods – What Are They?

Qualitative research methods include the following:

  • Focus groups: An effective way of collecting data related to the cultural norms of a certain demographic of people.
  • Interviews: A useful way of collecting information on sensitive issues, gaining the participants personal insight into the research topic.
  • Participant observation: An important way of collecting evidence naturally occurring behaviour and the environment.

Quantitative research methods include the following:

  • Opinion polls: A good way to gain the opinions of your target research group.
  • Social attitude studies: A helpful way to understand the beliefs and values of the group of people that you are studying.
  • Questionnaires: An alternative way that allows you to collect a large amount of data by questioning people.

3.  The Structure of Methodology – How Does It Look?

The methodology section should be properly structured so that it will be easy to go into details about what methods and principles you use when studying a particular topic to achieve the results. It should contain:

  • A description of why you chose the data you are analysing.
  • The methods and tools used to collect and identify your data, and how the variables were identified.
  • How the data was processed, and the techniques used to evaluate the information.
  • The strategies used to study the research questions and hypothesis.

The terms ‘methods’ and ‘methodology’ are easily confused; an examiner will deduct marks for making this mistake. According to the American Public University System, the ‘method’ describes the steps taken to conduct the research. The ‘methodology’, on the other hand, is a discussion of why you chose to use certain methods. It is essential that you are clear on this distinction.

Don’t make the common mistake of trying to rush through your dissertation a month before a submission date. Manage your time wisely so that you can spend enough time refining the content with your supervisor. If you feel that you are short of time, it is better to address real professionals who succeed in writing a dissertation sample for you. Just inform us about your desire and we’ll satisfy it as soon as possible.


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