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Solid Facts about Vaccination for a Coherent Autism Research Paper

Autism Research PaperThe myth that vaccines are somehow associated with autism is mostly widespread in western countries. It began n in 1998 with the publication of the notorious article in The Lancet. Andrew Wakefield suggested that a rubella vaccine (MMR) may be associated with autism. But Wakefield hid that he had his own interests to raise this myth. In particular, he himself applied for a patent for a measles vaccine.

Subsequently, more than 10 studies have been carried out that have proven that Andrew Wakefield falsified facts. The Lancet denied the publication to be even done. The doctor’s deed was classified as a violation of professional ethics, and in 2010 he was expelled from the UK medical record. Continue reading

IT Jobs in NYC for Juniors with Bachelor’s Degree Online or no Real Diploma

IT Jobs with Bachelor's Degree OnlineAccording to the executive summary of Job Growth and Education Requirements, by 2020 36% of job offers will not demand an educational qualification higher than high school (sorry for tautology). In other words, you will not need an actual degree to make a well-paid career.

Even right now this tendency is becoming more and more popular – you can get hired having a Bachelor’s degree online or no diploma whatsoever because right now recruiters are looking more at skills than at the name of the college you attended. To prove this thought, we’ve gathered a list of IT jobs in NYC for juniors where they take on people without specialized Master’s degrees or with knowledge acquired online. Why IT? Because it’s the most advancing industry in the world right now. Why NYC? Well, we think the choice of the Big Apple doesn’t have to be explained ☺ Continue reading

Thesis Committee Member of Your Dreams and Nightmares: 5 Types of Academicians You’ll Face

Thesis Committee MemberPreparing to defend your thesis? That’s great: you have a great battle to fight, and no, we’re not joking. Submitting a paper for a review is one thing, but presenting it in front of the special committee and fencing with questions are challenges you’ll have to deal with on spot. So, in order to be ready for a decent thesis defense, you must:

  • Know the format of the presentation;
  • Drill your defense speech;
  • Prepare yourself for the possible questions and criticism;
  • Be braced for different types of thesis committee members.

The last tip is exactly what we’re going to talk about in detail as your performance strongly depends on the kind of people who will be sitting on the board and evaluating your defense. If you are ready for the “Jury’s” reactions and behavior, you’ll be able to anticipate their questions. So, let’s see what kind of committee members there can be. Continue reading

Top 23 Cheap Master’s Degrees in the Most Costly States

Cheap Master's DegreesGetting a Master’s degree can be a very wise choice. It can easily advance your career and make you an expert in the field of your studies.

It is one of the best ways to expand your knowledge, but this advanced degree is not free, nor it usually comes at a cheap price. It can be hard to find a program you can afford, especially in the expensive states. So, we have done the work and research for you!

California and New York are known as the two most expensive states, along with others like Texas, Florida, Hawaii. Here some cheap master’s degrees in some of the most costly states.


California is a beautiful state with excellent weather in the south, but it can be very pricy! California has a system of public universities in many different locations that make it affordable to pursue a master’s degree. Continue reading

5 Ways to Get a Low Residency: Masters Programs that Do Not Mind Your Cash Status

Masters ProgramsLooking to study abroad? It’s a great opportunity and one that everyone should experience. The problem is that studying abroad, especially if you are seeking for a master’s degree, is out of reach for most because of finances.

The good news is that there is a solution! Don’t automatically discount yourself from being eligible to study abroad, or even continue your education in general. One option to lower your costs is to get a low residency master’s program.

There are many low residency master’s programs available, which will lower your overall wastes. Continue reading

20 Topics for a Case Study for MBA to Be Useful for the Audience

MBA Case Study TopicsAn MBA creates careers for thousands of students every year. As the economic recovery leads global expansion, industry needs new managers and leaders.

Since management ties into every aspect of the organization, and as business demands to drive MBA programs to new technologies, methodologies, and approaches, the case study for MBA remains a core academic learning tool.

The case studies work two ways: you learn from doing it; and your contribution helps others appreciate the issue differently.

Here’s a list of 20 useful topics for your MBA case study: Continue reading

5 Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Libraries to Scoop the Ideas for the Final Piece

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation LibrariesAcademic research begins at a library door. But, today’s libraries thrive in electronic and digital world. A thesis or dissertation depends on extensive research into primary and secondary sources. So, making those virtual library shelves accessible and student-friendly provides with a great number of big benefits.

If you are enrolled in a brick and mortar university, it will have a physical library. But, nowadays, even those have large digital data sources. Many universities and colleges have their own virtual libraries that are free for their students. Regardless, there are a lot of electronic thesis and dissertation libraries that provide students with a great number of opportunities.

There is free and public access to libraries of children’s books, science fiction, sports stories, and more. But, if you want to focus on those that can help you with academic work, here are some of them. Continue reading

MBA Assignment Sample

MBA Assignment SampleMBA assignment sample comes in handy when a student is doing a primary research on the specifics and peculiarities of business writing. This article presents a concise report on a business facing a challenge, the nature of that challenge, ways to overcome the problem and recommendations regarding implementation of these helpful measures.


Croud Goods has been officially registered in 1923 as Croud Cheese Company. By 2016, it has become one of the major processed food and soft drinks manufacturers in North America. It includes such gastronomic branches as dairy products, sweets and confectionary, frozen meats and powder drinks. Forbes estimates its brand value at around $9 billion and the company’s sales at $6.5 billion. Despite the company has originally proclaimed itself as an America-oriented packaged food provider, it has spread to the European market when it merged with a British sweets and snacks producer Gradburry. Their European connections are expanding, as Croud Goods is negotiating a merge with Feinz, which will make it fifth largest food conglomerate in the world. Continue reading

7 Top US Universities to Get Masters Degree in Nursing If You Are an International Student

Masters Degree in NursingNursing in the United States of America? The questions is – why? Can you justify it? It’s much easier to get your master’s degree in nursing in your native country, thus if you’re considering studying to get it in the US, you’ve got to have a good reason. And, if you’re looking for that reason, then look no further. Here is a list of the top seven nursing schools for international students in America and the aspects that make them so attractive.

1. University of Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for the best of the best nursing education, there is no better than the University of Pennsylvania. The 2015-2016 US News & World Report ranked them as the top nursing school in America, and it is open to students of all nations. Whether you need advising on travel information or obtaining a visa, they have the services designed to help you along your way. Continue reading

How to Use You Master’s Degree in English to the Fullest

Masters Degree in EnglishMany think that when you get a masters degree in English, your only job option is to teach English at a school or college; however, this is far from the truth. Teaching jobs are very stereotypical for English majors, but there are a variety of jobs which require English expertise. If you don’t feel like teaching is your call, you’re in luck. There are many careers that you can pursue with an English degree, and we’re going to tell you about some of them. Strap up, and let’s take a look at how an English diploma can be used in the real world. Continue reading