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Kenneth Strike’s Research in Ethics and College Student Life: 5 Principles to Handle Any Issue

Student life is full of events of every kind. There is a lot to consider. One of such is the matter of ethics. Many scholars conducted various researches in this sphere. One of them is Kenneth Strike. His book is dedicated to ethics and college student life. The book is highly valued by other experts and may truly come in handy if you are to fulfill a research in ethics.

The famous author pays attention to 5 principles that may be considered as universal ones and can help to cope with different ethical issues at a college. These principles are:

  1. The greatest good. Using this principle, you should stick to the rule of the best results. One should judge actions and call them the best ones when they bring the best outcomes. We are constantly looking for the greatest results, evaluating everything people do. We compare good and bad and seek the outcomes. This is the matter of comparison of actions A and B and what consequences they bring to us.
  2. Equal respect and the Golden Rule. This principle involves personal attitude towards other people and how we define the equality. All people should treat one another equally with full respect and dignity. Everyone deserves the same and none should receive more. The Golden Rule is well-known to everyone. According to this rule, we should treat other people the way we would like them to treat us. In other words, you should put yourself in somebody’s shoes prior to making any judgments and conclusions.
  3. Relationship. The actions affect the development of relationships amongst individuals. We should start, develop, and improve the relationships with other people. The worthiest things should be shared with the closest people. Otherwise, the things won’t be enjoyable and will not bring the maximal satisfaction. Thus, we are supposed to maintain friendship, companionship, love, caring, affection, and the similar ones. It is necessary to treat other people fairly. In such a way, you can acquire positive relations.
  4. Community. We are social beings and belong to definite communities. If you undertake actions, which disrupt people’s sense of community, they are held as unethical.  Each member of any community should contribute to the general well-being.
  5. Character growth. Our actions show who we are and make out of us a certain kind of a person. This is an important issue. Depending on the actions we undertake, we can say whether we can become that very person we decided to become. Unethical behavior harms you, and you won’t be able to become the one you wished to be. If you stop caring concerning ethical issues, you are considered as the morally lost person.

These are 5 major principles introduced in Strike’s research. Reading the book, you will find more detailed explanations if necessary. They seem to be actually effective to deal with various problems that can occur to a student at a college associated with ethics.

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