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How to Find a Writer and Not Get Scammed: Threats of Freelance Platforms

Students are fairly familiar with platforms like Upwork.com, Fiverr.com or Freelancer.net. These are websites where freelancers sell their work and earn money, and college learners are the ones who buy their services. They often order essays, research papers or separate chapters as well as ask editors to proofread their writing. If you’re one of those students, you roughly understand why they opt for freelance platforms.

  • The services there can be way cheaper. Newly-minted writers would work for peanuts just to get reviews and necessary experience.
  • Buyers, i.e., students, can openly check out the ratings of specialists and read detailed reviews of their works.
  • The websites are easy to navigate and have smart filtering systems.

But like any other online space, it has its downsides that are hard to ignore.

No Tests for Academic Writing Skills

When you order from professional writing companies, you can be sure that your paper will be crafted by a competent specialist. Why? Because when they hire writers, the candidates go through numerous tests to determine their academic proficiency.

When we talk about freelance platforms, there are no tests to evaluate any of the skills, only the words of the freelancers themselves. And sometimes they can lie a bit to get orders.

People Are Buying Accounts of Successful Freelancers

Writers who stop freelancing permanently, sell their accounts to those who don’t want to start from square one. It is very difficult to develop a good freelancer profile because of high competition. That’s why some of the specialists prefer purchasing readymade “businesses” that can bring money right away.

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Actions

Freelancers on Upwork or Fiverr will promise you anything you need even if they are not quite sure how to do it. That is the biggest danger of ordering academic services in such places.

In custom writing agencies employed writers are assigned only to the tasks that suit their qualifications. If someone is proficient in history, he/she will get only history projects. If a writer is good at term papers, he/she will most likely complete this kind of assignments. That’s how it works best.

Plagiarism Alert!

When you receive your order and understand that you like it, you hardly ever think about double checking the originality of the paper. And the thing is that if you accept the completed variant as it is, you can’t just go back and claim a refund or ask a freelancer to rewrite the assignment. In case your professor ran your paper through Turnitin.com, even the report from this resource may not help. All this can lead to some perfunctory investigation by freelance platform customer support, but that doesn’t guarantee any positive outcome for you.

Knowing how to find a writer on freelance platforms is not that easy. But it’s way more reliable to make purchases on specialized websites like custom writing companies. They have privacy and revision policies, money back guarantees and any other assurances that will make you feel safe while buying from such agencies. So, it’s up to you to make the right choice.

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